EuroRack case and power supply options


Our modules are compatible with the same EuroRack cases, and power supplies used for audio synthesizers, though they draw slightly more power on average than audio modules. A good budget for your EuroRack power supply is 10 mA per HP unit width of your case, per +/-12V power rails. Additionally(and maybe most importantly), having a clean, low-noise power solution can greatly improve your experience as high frequency noise or voltage ripple can become visibly represented in your video composition.

This is a list of case and power configurations which we either personally tested here in the LZX workshop or have received positive field reports about from one of our trusted system owners. These options provide enough power for a video synthesis focused system and do not exhibit issues with high frequency noise or signal bleed. This is only a small sample of feasible options, so please do not feel limited to the options listed here. If you are a case manufacturer and would like to be included in this list, please contact us with details.

LZX Vessel
Vessel is our direct answer to addressing the needs of our community providing a performance fit and finish that works for video and audio systems alike.

Doepfer A-100LC6 / A-100P6 w/Doepfer A-100PSU3
MSRP: $390-$530 USD (Unfinished, finished and suitcase/travel options)
HP Width: 6Ux 84HP (168HP Total)
Power Supply: Doepfer A-100 PSU3

These classic low-cost EuroRack case options have recently been upgraded with Doepfer’s new A-100PSU3 power supply. Earlier versions of this case offered less power and were not as suited for video synthesis systems. Doepfer also offers a 9U version of this case with the same power supply, which we do not recommend. The Doepfer A-100PSU3 is suitable for 6U of video modules, but a full 9U case with would quickly exceed the power specifications. Doepfer also offers the A-100P6 with PSU3, which is a flight/travel case variation that offers the same size and power specifications for a higher price. Purchase from Analogue Haven (USA) or Thomann (Germany).

MDLRCASE 6U/84 HP Studio Case w/Doepfer A-100PSU3
MSRP: $425.75 USD
HP Width: 6Ux 84HP (168HP Total)
Power Supply: Doepfer A-100 PSU3

MDLRCASE make several attractive suitcase and studio case configurations with the Doepfer A-100PSU3 as an installation option. Purchase from MDRLCASE (Netherlands).

Bespoke Cases from Goike & Lamond Design
MSRP: Variable
HP Width: Variable

Goike and Lamond Design are companies who build bespoke wood EuroRack cases to a customer’s specifications. If you contact either of these companies and point them back to this page, they can assist you with power supply recommendations for your case design of choice. Purchase from Goike (US) or Lamond Design (UK).

Eurorack Power Supply Recommendations for DIY Installation
Many of you like to build DIY cases, either to save costs or to meet your own studio/travel needs. Or maybe you are commissioning a case builder to design a custom solution for you. This is a list of EuroRack power supplies available as OEM options for custom installations which we recommend for use in video synthesis systems. Please follow all instructions and safety precautions provided by the manufacturers of these power supplies during installation.

Malekko Power
MSRP: $229 USD
+12V Supply Maximum: 1600mA (1.6 A)
-12V Supply Maximum: 1600mA (1.6 A)
+5V Supply Maximum: 1000mA (1 A)

We’re biased on this option, since we assisted Malekko Heavy Industry in its design. It is an integrated power/busboard option for 6U systems, and has a switching-to-linear regulation topology that ensures clean, no issues power. Purchase from Malekko (USA).

Zeus Studio Bus

MSRP: $122 USD
+12V Supply Maximum: 1600mA (1.3 A)
-12V Supply Maximum: 1600mA (0.8 A)
+5V Supply Maximum: 1000mA (0.3 A)

Doepfer A-100PSU3

MSRP: $170 USD
+12V Supply Maximum: 2000mA (2 A)
-12V Supply Maximum: 1200mA (1.2 A)
+5V Supply Maximum: 2000mA (2 A)

We’ve heard nothing but good things about the performance of Doepfer’s latest A-100PSU3 supply. You will also need passive power distribution boards such as the Doepfer A-100BUS to connect this power supply to. Purchase from Analogue Haven (USA) or Thomann (Germany).

Bel Power Linear Supplies
MSRP: $79.15-$143.36 USD
+12V Supply Maximum: 1700mA – 3400mA (1.7 A – 3.4 A)
-12V Supply Maximum: 1700mA – 3400mA (1.7 A – 3.4 A)

These standard OEM linear power supplies come in several brands (Power One, etc.) and are readily available from electronic component suppliers such as Mouser. These supplies are bulky and require the most work to install into a EuroRack case, but cannot be beaten in terms of performance and reliability. The two model numbers recommended above would be suited for 6U 84HP or 12U 84HP respectively. Recommended for DIYers with more advanced electronics skills. Purchase from Mouser (USA).



There are a few things to consider when getting a power supply for a Eurorack video synthesizer. Power supply noise is more of an issue with video than it is with audio. Some switching supplies will produce noise that is not audible, but can be visible, manifesting itself as unstable periodic lines. A linear power supply won’t have the same high frequency noise as a switching supply, but they are heavier as they use transformers.

A list of recommended power supplies can be found here

Other available power supplies might be suitable for video, but the ones listed in the link above are ones that LZX has tested and found to work well with low noise.When choosing a power supply you have to consider the size of the system you already have, or the size you want to have. The general rule for LZX modules is that for every 1HP there will be 10mA consumption per rail. Power suppliers have different output current ratings for each rail. So for example, for an 84HP system consumption should be around 840mA. This is not a hard rule, and some modules may consume more or less mA per HP. All of the current consumption specifications are on each modules individual product page. It’s good practice to allow for some headroom on your PSU, something like 15% should be good, preventing the PSU from being worked too hard, as performance decreases as the power supply comes under more load. So for a theoretical 84HP system a 1000mA PSU should be sufficient (but please tally all actual current consumption specs for the individual modules to be in the system). Remember to check the per rail specifications of the module consumption and output power supply.

Some LZX modules need to be on the same power buss as the sync generator to function properly, such as the Castle VCO. These modules take their sync signals from the power buss so if they are being used in your system remember to put them on the same buss as the sync source.

If you keep these considerations in mind you can achieve a low noise power scheme for your video synth system.

Admin note: Original post by Phil Baljeu on the former LZX Knowledgebase