uZeus Power Supply

Hi guys just starting building my cadets now. I have not bought any PSU yet. But I have a uZeus lying around. Anyone has information if that could work with the cadets? Does it introduce some noise?
Thanks. coming from Eurorack I don’t really know much about video PSUs.

TL;DR A PSU module will be too noisy for video.

My advice is try it and see what you think, but be aware that it’s not one of the recommended power supplies so if you see any issues it might be the cause. I’m using a power supply that some people here have said is too noisy for video, but it seems to be working just fine for me and my mostly-Cadet system. The uZeus might be good enough for you, or it might be OK enough at first until you get a better one, or you might see lots of noise right from the beginning and realize you need something else. Either way it shouldn’t damage anything, so it’s worth a shot.


Thanks! Where can I find a list of the suggested and testes PSU so I can in case purchase one?

in the library here

as linked to by nerdware, above

Great thanks so much!

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i run my rack with 2 uzeus modules and one doepfer low budget power suply… so far it works good,and theres nothig that annoys me, but im not that picky either. you can run the u zeus with different power transformaters , so if you pick a good and stable one it should work well.

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Perfect that’s great news!!!