Doepfer A-100PMS9 EuroRack case with two built-in A-100PSU3 power supply

So i read the EuroRack case and power supply options for LZX Systems here.

So would this case be useable with the the provided Power Supply for a LZX System. I am a little confused because in the article above its sometimes ok to use a case with a A-100PSU3 power supply and sometimes not. Somebody have experience with this case or can direct me to a similar case to look for ?


I´m using 2 PSU3 in a self made case anf if you don´t overload them they´re working fine.


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Hi… is the A-100PSU2 a direct, drop-in replacement for the A-100PSU1? I understand that the new A-100PSU3 combines both linear & switching supplies but don’t know if it will be larger, etc.
I have 3 of the Doepfer P-series cases, and 2 are near the 1200mA maximum on the +12V rail. And of course there still are modules where the manufacturer doesn’t bother to list power draw specifications, despite multiple emails, Facebook posts, & PMs from many customers. I’m sure that most customers are happy that Doepfer and most other Eurorack manufacturers list the specs of their products, and that Doepfer is designing a stronger power supply.

pcb assembly

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