Cases: Where in the WORLD are people finding cases deep enough for Cadet’s deepest modules?

I have some 13 Eurorack cases and only three of them will accommodate the full Cadet line of modules. Of course my Doepfer Monster Cases and Pittsburgh Modular cases will accommodate them but THEY’RE ENORMOUS and not cases I intend to dedicate to video synthesis. I really wanted to house my video modules in two Mantis cases with the new TipTop side bracket connecting them. But the Cadet Ramp that I just got is way too deep for any part of the Mantis case. I considered using a TipTop Happy Ending but they look like a worksite under construction.

SO, what case are you guys using for Cadet modules? And please don’t say LZX cases because they no longer make them and they’re over $1k for 204hp.

Again, sorry for all of the questions but I’m literally obsessed with my video synthesis now. I live and breath this stuff and it’s driving everyone in my life away from me :joy:. If they don’t want to talk video synthesis or Eurorack I can’t concentrate on a word they’re saying.

Take a look at a Doepfer P6/LC6. They have a decent PSU and can power two rows of video modular (I wouldn’t want to stretch to three rows, though).
They might be bigger than what you want to carry, though.
Otherwise, look what is available in the pre-built world. A Passage doesn’t cost that much more than three Cadet Processors and it is a lot shallower.


Thanks so much and I’ll take a look. I have a Doepfer Monster case and it’s so underpowered but worst case scenario I can add another power bus or just a Zeus with a flying bus board.

Weirdly, someone else asked me about the Doepfer Monster cases just before.
The A-100 PMS12 and the A-100 PMB look to have a decent amount of power for video, but the A-100 PMS9 looks underpowered.

One of those PSU2/PSU3’s can power two 84hp rows of video modular.

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Cadets and Castles are not comfortable in most spots in Vessels. @Marizu’s Doepfer suggestion is a great one in my experience. Smallish, well-built, clean LZX-approved PSUs, and DEPTH 4 DAYZ!

Thanks so much for the responses :pray:t2:. Doepfer it is!

Surprisingly I’ve got 3 castle modules mounted in a case with about 7 cm total depth from rails to the bottom of the case and have had no issues. I just have to play around with the spacing a bit to avoid the euro headers on the bus board and it fits perfectly for me. Case I’m using is a mdlr travel case. I just ordered an 85w power board for them to give more overhead clearance to my modules and I’m gonna be selling the old board which worked super well for me.

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Arturia Rackbrute 6U is deep enough, just avoid the power bus and be wary of power and sync cable tangle

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Heres a fix. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice! I’m going to try this. Thanks!

Just had a couple of modules arrive, for my video case being built in 2x Rackbrute 6U…
sure, the Rackbrute can fit the Cadets, but I wasn’t expecting this!

it’s an Elby ChaQuo, 85mm deep :dizzy_face:
following the above advice, I jumped straight on to ebay and bought 10x M3 Standoff 15mm. It’ll be ugly, but it’ll work. Will share pics when it’s fitted.

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Perhaps an ADDAC902 AXI (ALI) with upgraded power bus boards?! You’ll just have to grab a desk rack stand for.

DIY - you can make them any depth you like!