US Locations to get Doepfer A-100BUSV6 or something else?

First time euroracker, whipping up a 6U 84hp case for some (so far) cadet, reverselandfill, and syntonie DIY modules. Following the wiki guide, I was trying to go with the a Doepfer A-100PSU3 and two A-100BUSV6. However, I’m having a hard time finding these in the US, especially the A-100BUSV6. The few european locations I’ve found have quite a bit of shipping. Anybody know where I can find these?

Auxiliary noob question, I understand the reasons that only certain better quality power supplies are a good idea for video eurorack, but does it really matter what kind of busboard I use?

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I also sell busboards :slight_smile: - small ones though. 9 headers per pcb
Your DIY rack sounds good!

Busboards distribute the power. normally , there is some filtering onboard. (big and small caps between the rails) Some brands have fatter copper traces.
You could also DIY them, for example with stripboard. or use bus bars.

Yeah I saw that you sell busboards when I ordered from you (I was the recent Triple Function Gen and Triple CV Comp order) but I would like larger ones. I’m not opposed to making my own although I’d rather go from a pcb or kit rather than just totally from scratch. Any of those to recommend?