FS (US->World): Cadets, Sandin IP, Syntonie, Fox, more!

Life has thrown me a little detour, so it’s time to get entirely out of Eurorack.

(1) Cadet IV Ramps $120
(3) Cadet VI Fader $105/each
(2) Cadet VIII Hard Key $105/each
(4) Cadet IX VCO $120/each
(1) Fox Priority Mixer $105/each
(2) Syntonie VU002 Frequency Doubler $120/each
(2) Syntonie VU005 Dual Waveshaper $120/each
Sandin IP Differentiator $100
Sandin IP Function Generator $100

Also, some broadcast converters and other goodies:

BMD SDI to Analog Mini $80
BMD SDI to HDMI Mini $80

No AC adaptors for the above converters, they use ordinary 12V

I built all the DIY stuff, and they are no-shortcut, high quality builds that used the parts specified in the BOMs–including the hard-to-find and quite expensive toggles etc.

Modules come with original boxes in most cases when applicable (ask if it’s important to you), 3mm philips machine screws, and power cables. Prices include USPS shipping in CONUS. Paypal F&F due to stupid new tax reporting law.

(2) Cadet VCOs, Bridge, Sensory Translator sold. I can’t edit the original post anymore for some reason!