Cadet & Castle module builders list and build requests

If you’re looking for someone who can build a Cadet or Castle module for you, reply to this thread or contact one of the individuals in the list below.

Here’s a list of electronics builders willing to build Cadet and Castle modules on commission. These fine folks are available to contact for building services if you are not an electronics hobbyist and want an assembled version of these DIY projects.

If you’re a builder, please reply to this thread and I’ll add you to the list.

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I’m available for commission and will gladly build any of the Cadet or Castle series for those interested. Feel free to hit me up through a private message and we can arrange the details from there.

Assembly | DIY Background
My journey into DIY electronics started around 2004 and ramped up around 2008. Sometime in 2009 I started working for Toppobrillo Music Electronics and did a lot of assembly for the early production runs prior to everything moving into factory production. I continued with some of the final assembly and calibration up until around 2014. I’m very comfortable with DIY at this point and I strive for clean builds. I’m located in Los Angeles, CA.


Name’s Ryan… Nice to meetcha!
Happy to do commissions and builds for people who can’t/don’t want to DIY.

Have built many kits and modules, including 3 sets of Castle Modules for clients (and a few single modules), Cadet line, and several other kits including Paia 9000 series, Turing Machines, EM Klee sequencer (with offboard wiring). I have even etched my own PCB’s and completed working prototypes. Located in Southern CA and have quick turnaround times.

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I’m Martijn.
I’ve build a lot of Cadet modules (from pcb to custom format and eurorack)
and am willing to do builds for others!

I’m located in The Netherlands (EU)


Contact details, Ryan? is best. Apparently the forum links there, because that’s where I saw the message.


I’d be down, as I’ve built the complete castle and cadet lines for myself and a few friends, all of which have worked and survived live use. Located in Dallas, Texas.

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Hey there! I’m in Chicago and I’m looking for someone to build/mod whatever is necessary to get the 3Trins synth to play nice with LZX stuff. Does that sound like something you’re hip to doing?



Hey there, I live in Nova Scotia and I’m inquiring about the cost of getting a few cadet module assembled. I have a lot of diy expeariance but not sure if I have the time to ensure I order all the correct components

@creatorlars I’m a builder and am happy to build stuff - add me to the list!

@joyfultalk I’ll PM you!

Hey, i’m based in the UK and available for build commissions!

I have a degree in electronic engineering and have several cadet modules plus an 3trins which was built from kit.

Contact or on here!

I would also be happy to to some assembly work! It’s part of my job anyway :slight_smile: Can do THT and SMD, and can get PCBs manufactured as well.

Located in Oslo, Norway. Contact

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Hi. Is this thread still active? Or has there been an update anywhere? Hoping to speak with someone in the US

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hi there! i’m actually about to build a massive run of Cadets (10 of each) and will be making a post to that effect shortly. feel free to send a message if you’re still interested or send an e-mail to!


How doable is this take on a combo I/O module in 8 HP?

It combines a Cadet I, a pair of IIs, and the III. Well, actually it’s more like the Input Decoder from Visual Cortex, since it would accept YUV and spit out RGB…

The NTSC/PAL switch is moved to the back, perhaps as a jumper?

Anyone want to build this for me?! I’d want a few…

thanks, Benton

The encoder is a busy board - to fit in two it would have to be very deep, very multi-board or SMD-only module. You are aiming very high :slight_smile: Sure you don’t want to squeeze a couple of ramp outputs in there as well? LOL ;-p

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I never liked shallow cases, I like 'em deep!

Yes, I was thinking that the other sync modules should be on the same board, but with more outputs! :wink:

I hear you on the depth of the boards… I’ll work on a concept sketch at 20 HP so the boards can be stacked parallel to the panel

In the meantime, what about combining the Syntonie YUV to RGB decoder on the same panel with just one Cadet II encoder?

That might just be possible, I think. It’s 13 through-hole ICs plus a whole lot of other components so it would be pretty busy, but wouldn’t it be just as easy to get the two separate modules in that case anyway?

Also there’s a lot of time, tinkering, money and knowledge that goes into designing, prototyping and releasing a video module, so I would like to see Bastian get plenty of sales of his VU003 to help with all that before his hard work gets swallowed up and incorporated into someone else’s module…

Also, I’ve just realised this is rather OT for this thread so it probably ought to be discussed elsewhere.

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This is a build request… I’ve long wanted an I/O module that fills the void betwixt Cadet (extra ‘modular’, with so many 4HP required to make a basic input/output) and Visual Cortex (don’t need all the compositing modes).

However, I defer to the Community wishes—shall I start a new thread?

And, a question on the @syntonie VU003: does it require both the Cadet I and III to function?

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