Future Cadet Modules?

I ran across these elseweb and got kind of excited. Are there any plans to produce these or anything else in the Cadet line?

Cadet XI Noise Generator
Cadet XII Wavefolder/Freq Doubler
Cadet XIII 3-Input Mixer
Cadet XIV Gamma Shaper


I also hope these get life… especially the noise, wavefolder & gamma shaper.

@creatorlars …hint …hint… hit… just as schematic would be cool too! (if this saves time and effort…)


You guys got your thumbs in a lot of pies! But also, sign me up for all 4. :zap:

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I’d love to at some point! But not anytime in the near future – too many other obligations, not the least of which is finally getting down to formal video documentation of all this stuff. I’d encourage all of you to keep your explorations going though, there’s a lot out there to explore. I can be here to help answer questions and solve problems.


Totally understandable. :slight_smile:

Another run of Sandin Function Generator PCBs (just the PCBs to keep it simple) would be :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: though :smiley:


Yes to this! More Sandin PCBs would be sweet.


I have the PCBs and will go ahead and get them up on the site soon. Was planning to do a run of white faceplates for them but … too many projects going on!


Oh, this is great news!!! These will fit wonderfully in an Intellijel format tile. :heart_eyes:

For a video mixer you can take most audio mixers and swap TL072 op amps with LM6172. I’ve done that on an Erica Synths DIY 3 channel Mixer II. The parts are through hole and I used a socket for the dual op amp. An LM6172 swapped right in and I do not see any noise or rolloff from the circuit.

The same board with a TL072 passes high frequencies but adds some ringing and distortion for the higher frequencies, even in the higher audio range.


I’m being the squeaky wheel. :slight_smile:

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How about I donate the Sandin PCBs to a single community member willing to distribute them to anyone who wants one?


I’m willing to do that. contact me!


I think we have it handled? Stay tuned!

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Details to follow, but I’ll just say for now that Lars is amazing. :pray::raised_hands:


waaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnttttttttt someeee


Love the Sandin PCB giveaway! But searching around on the interwebs i found mention af another Sandin module about to launch from LZX back in 2011: the Amplitude Classifier… did this module ended up becoming one of the expedition series modules in a slightly different vrsion? Or did it just not happen then? See mention that it would be to complex for most DIYers, but curious anyway! :slight_smile:

The Amplitude Classifier module turned out to be outside the realm of a clone since I had re-engineered and added so many features to it – it was released as the 8 Stage Quantizer & Sequencer in Visionary series. I think we only made 50. It would be worth doing a DIY clone, but would be quite a large build!

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I’d would love to build it!!
If you are willing to share the schematics…

It is unfortunately a very parts heavy surface mount build that uses a CPLD at its logic core, and has a ton of fine pitch dual transistor packages. I’d love to document the schematic for a DIY version of the true Sandin architecture at some point though!


would it be do-able with a SMD oven?