Portable Video Rig Question

Hi there, I hope you are well? I am trying to build 4U 104HP portable live case. I am looking at the options out there which are great in terms of cases but power seems to be an issue. My local eurorack dealer has the Malekko power boards (https://www.signalsounds.com/malekko-power-eurorack-power-distribution-board) but I have never installed something like this before. My plan is to build this into an Intellijel 4U case. how would I do this? I haven’t seen any instructions anywhere on how to install a power supply and it doesn’t feel that clear from the manual. Do I need a soldering iron? What about an on/off switch? Etc. Any info on this from would be great and I really appreciate your time, many thanks again M


It’s quite straight forward. The bus board comes with a paper template you can use to drill your mounting holes. Try looking on malekko’s website for instructions, they explain that you need to acquire 1/2" standoffs, screws/washers to mount it and a wallwart to power it.

If you don’t want to put a switch in you don’t have to, I’ve got mine just wired straight to the power jack. Plug em in and they’re on. Unplug em and they’re off, easy peasy. Otherwise it’s literally just a matter of putting a (non momentary) power switch inline between the jack and the busboard.

You also need a bit of wire, can’t remember the gauge they recommend… That’s what goes from busboard to jack/switch. You don’t need to solder it on the busboard side, they recommend those terminal connectors can’t remember the name. Fastlok or something. On the jack side you should hit it with some solder, although there’s probably small Fastlok’s(or whatever those female terminal end connectors are called) for jacks too if you’d rather not.

Basically it’s just a matter of physically mounting the busboard, then connecting two wires between it and your barrel jack. Toss a switch in between the two if your heart desires.


You can also get one of these


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