Building 1st Eurorack case for video - need help choosing power components


I will be building a case for LZX modules in the coming month. I have the Vidiot to thank for this…

I’ve got both the Malekko Power for distribution and a Cincon TRH100A120-11E12 VI to power it on order.

The trouble I am having is picking out a suitable DC barrel jack and power switch for the case. I have not sourced components like this before so I am not familiar with what exactly is needed in terms of rating tolerances.

The Cincon AC brick’s data sheet says its a 2.1mm ID 5.5mm OD barrel running at 12V and 8.34A. I cant seem to find a barrel jack that isn’t PCB mounted rated for that. Panel mount jacks with a nut look to be rated only 5A.

For the switch, will this rocker work? Is there a functional difference going with quick connect vs. soldered connectors?

Last noob question, what is involved in adding 12V dc jacks like in the Vessel to supplement power for MP, TBC2 and Structure? If I have to ask, should I just not even go there yet?

Any advice or examples of setups with the Malekko - Cincon combo would be greatly appreciated. My brain hurts from looking at part lists! :dizzy_face:

Thank you!

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Thanks for quick response. Looks like a handy module. Don’t think it would work in my situation since it has a 2.5mm pin and only is 5A. I have seen Lars mention in another thread that the Malekko Power needs at least 6A. Also the power brick I have coming is 2.1mm.

The Cincon brick is recommended on the Malekko Power page and pretty sure its the same one that the Vessel uses. Odd that I can’t find a jack rated for it. Pretty sure I am missing something… probably basic electronics knowledge

EDIT: perhaps I got wrong version of power brick. seems to be 2.5mm version as well

2.5mm barrel is correct for that Cincon brick! You should be able to find barrel jacks rated properly in 2.5mm sizing (this is used for larger power bricks in general.)

For the 12V out inside Vessel, it’s just a passthru of the brick’s DC voltage, this time on a 2.1mm connector. Nothing scary or magical about that. You’re right to check amps on your input connector though.

@Entropist I must have missed the 6Amp on the input jack thread. If you come across a 2.5mm 6amp jack could you post the link here for reference.

@creatorlars so even if I am only using the clean power of the Malekko maxed out at 4.4amps, the 5amp input jack would not be enough?

  • 2.2Amps of “clean +12V” (EuroRack power, from Malekko Power board)
  • 2.2Amps of “clean -12V” (EuroRack Power, from Malekko Power board)

Is the 6amp to allow for more headroom?
I guess I figured the total came to 4.4amps so a 5 amp input jack would be enough ?
What would be the result of this even if I am below the max 4.4amp power on the board? Apologies for my ignorance.

Here are some 6A rated panel mount DC barrel jacks. There is a 8A in there but it is not stocked.

I’ve hit a wall after an embarrassingly long search for DC jack to match the 8.34A 12V 2.5x5.5mm Cincon brick. Does this brick not actually need a jack rated at or above 8.34A? Because that don’t seem to exist at least where I have looked.

The only 2.5x5.5mm jacks available as far as I can tell over 6A are PCB-mounted like this.

Sorry if this is something obvious. I really don’t want to end up damaging a Memory Palace or burning my house down.

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The amperage on a jack is just a safety rating. If you’re an amp or two over I really can’t imagine you have any cause for concern. This is all low voltage stuff. A 5A jack can handle anything this cincon brick can output I’m sure.


Awesome! Really appreciate the help. My head was spinning.

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Fast-forward 3 months, finally have the Malekko Power and getting stuff ready to install!

Couple more novice questions incoming:

Is it normal for Faston connectors to be extremely tight and need to be very slowly rocked into position with a good deal of force? Never used them before and the brand name is seemingly ironic at this point. I got the ones recommended in the manual.

Other question is in regards to spacers or standoffs for mounting the PCB to a case. The manual says insulated spacers. I went with nylon standoffs and nylon screws. Plan on mounting PCB to a piece of 1/4" wood or maybe Delrin. Is there any reason I should have gone with another option like conventional brass standoffs and screws like on a PC’s motherboard?

Thanks for any help. REALLY itching to get everything up and running, safely and on the first try. The MP and Structure don’t belong in boxes!


Yes, Faston connectors should be very tight. Make sure you’re using something like 14-20AWG wire.

For spacers, I wouldn’t expect any performance difference with metal vs nylon parts. Nothing weird there.

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