Power Input Module

Any updates/details on the power input module @creatorlars has mentioned LZX intends to release?

Am in the process of building up a new case and, if that is indeed imminent I will probably plan to integrate that into its design. But some more details could be helpful, if you’re at a point in its development when you can share — HP? Power inlet socket size? Intended release date? Anything else one should keep in mind?


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Front 2.5mm DC barrel input for +12VDC wall wart (would get a laptop style brick)
Rear 4* 2.1mm DC barrel output jacks (use the 2.1mm DC patch cables like are sold for guitar pedal rigs)
Power switch+LED on front
Haven’t decided on a price just yet. We’ll be shipping with the TBC2 launch.


Could you perhaps use one of the existing eurorack power access modules? You’d need to add a DC socket, of course. I’d do it using faston crimp connectors, as I can’t solder. I recommend the TipTop Audio Access module, as this uses single-core cable ideal for crimping or soldering.

Awesome. Thanks!

Actually found a used power brick for a good price, so already picked that up (it’s a Cincon TRH100A120-12E12 VI). Pretty sure it’s 2.5mm center positive, so sounds like it will work.

And I already have a TBC2 on order, will there be a chance to get in an order for the power module too (to combine shipping, if possible) before the former heads out the door?

@nerdware, Thought about existing options, but I do like that the LZX one will have the 12v power outputs already built in. If the LZX comes in at a higher price point than I’d like, might just try to DIY something from scratch.

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Yes, I too would prefer a ready-to-use module.