Bulk 12VDC Power Supply Options for LZX Gen3 Modules

Gen3 modules and Chromagnon offer the new option for direct bulk 12V DC power via DC power barrel – and skipping over EuroRack power supplies entirely. While LZX DC Distro is a viable option for those of you adapting existing EuroRack cases, if you are starting fresh and don’t mind a little shopping and DIY labor, there are some very affordable solutions using power supplies and power distribution units designed for CCTV camera equipment, LED lighting and broadcast peripherals. I love scenarios like this, where we can piggyback off a larger industry to provide more affordable solutions.

For example, here’s a 19" rack mount solution that would be capable of providing power to an enormous Gen3 system, including broadcast converters and lighting, that would cost a fraction of an equivalent EuroRack power supply. Just add some DC power pigtails, rackmounted EuroRack rails, a rack case, and you’d be good to go!

Note: I haven’t personally evaluated the below equipment, it’s just provided as an example for the purpose of discussion. Lets fill this thread with ideas and applications!


Awesome, 20A for $100! Thanks for creating this thread @creatorlars & for including the links :+1:t3:

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I can’t find any 12v dc rack mount power supplies in the UK, and mount anything on a 19" panel myself, but I can use anything that only requires a screwdriver. E.g. a 19" cable access slot panel and an external 12v dc brick. Really simple, but I can also power rack mounted fans with dust filters.

I love 19" racks. They’re available as light steel in flat packs. By light, I mean a 12U steel cabinet that weighs only 5.5 Kg. Rear panels add more weight. Subracks add more. E.g. an industrial Eurorack might weight over 2 Kg. That lot will still be much lighter than a typical wooden flightcase of a similar size. Plastic flightcases are of course much lighter, but still heavier than the steel 12U rack cabs I use. (I use both, for different gear.)

You can also stack cabinets. I like stacking 12U cabs on a 3U base cab for housing misc devices like power bricks and converters. Power distribution for the bricks goes behind the cabs, out of sight. I can also put the intracabinet sync cables back there. Ideal for all generations of LZX modules, but you’ll need clean PSUs for the older modules.

Best of all, no DIY is needed beyond using a couple of screwdrivers. I generally use 2 screwdrivers because modules and 19" racks use very different screw head sizes.

However, for entry level LZX using gen3, a pair of Eurorack rails can get you started. You can add the first cabinet later.


What is the allowable voltage range? Can you use a 19v laptop supply or anything like that?

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Definitely. You can get away with just a 12V DC brick and a 2.1mm DC barrel daisy chain or splitter cable to start off with in a barebones setup.

What is the allowable voltage range? Can you use a 19v laptop supply or anything like that?

While the Gen3 module released so far is 9-18VDC OK, I would stick with regulated 12V DC supplies to have no worries. This keeps you compatible with 12V fans, 12V LED strips, and other 12V peripherals (like broadcast converters, CCTV cameras, etc). It’s the standard voltage for these types of things. For example, the “12V input” on Memory Palace and TBC2 needs to stay 12VDC because they power a 12V fan.

You won’t have any trouble at all finding 12V DC laptop style power bricks and wall warts. Meanwell switchers and DIN rail mount power supplies are all options too.

Here’s an example (note any high amperage DC connector needs to be the 2.5mm barrel rather than 2.1mm barrel – so you’d need to use this with a splitter cable that has 2.5mm female barrel on one side and multiple 2.1mm male barrels on the other side for connecting to modules):

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I agree, it’s easy! I just want to clarify I posted this is in the DIY section because LZX would not be able to offer customer support, warranties or instructions for other manufacturers’ equipment. LZX DC Distro is priced the way it is because that’s all part of the expectation. But for those of you who like to customize, tinker, and are okay with a bit of trial and research, there are other options (and that’s what I want to talk about in this thread.)

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Oh, absolutely! I’m aware of the risks of buying a third party power brick. So many people get things like this wrong. So often its the same problems, like the power supply not providing enough current for the modules. I’ve experienced this one myself in a Mantis case. Fortunately for me, that’s the case that houses my Liquid TV module. Anyway, I’ll likely sell all the modules in that case, and the Mantis itself, to pay for the gen3 modules.

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Found 3 options in Germany/ Europe:



And Third

Anybody sees something special or wrong about them?

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Hard to say, the reviews for the first 2 give plenty of hints of trouble, especially the first psu, the 10A one. The 2nd in the list seems OK but an Italian reviewer (they have it 2 starts from 5) wrote that it whistled or made a whining sound when on.
The 3rd one looked iffy with the multi output cable. On the other hand, finding those adapters for the 2nd one is always a pain.

What’s the power load you expect to be drawing?

3u 84hp
It will be my gen3 ‘skiff’ with just 12v input.
Right now is just bso channel, but it will have at some point tbc2, dsg3…. xyz3….joking. Just can’t remember any gen3 name :wink:
But that’s the idea, one case diy, one case expedition, one skiff orion y one more skiff for gen3.

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