Mixed power (12V and Eurorack) best practices?

I have a Eurorack case (Tip Top Mantis, 104hp 6U) that I’ve been using for my video modular setup. It’s been working great for me. I have a few Gen3 modules, a few Expedition modules, and some DIY modules, and I’ve been powering everything with the Eurorack power. But I’m planning on getting some more Gen3 modules and I think they’ll get me close to or over the power available on my 12V rails.

So I’m thinking about powering the Gen3 stuff via the 12V jacks and keeping the rest on the Eurorack power… Are there any best practices or tips for doing this? Do the 0V’s need to be tied together, or do the patch cables manage that just fine? Anything else I might want to consider or keep in mind? Am I totally overthinking things?

If you use a DC Distro or a splitter cable, that’ll take of everything. Just remember to leave some headroom when you calculate the current needed from the power brick.

BTW, I ran out of power in my Mantis case just using Gen2 modules. Gen3 will definitely need more power. Module temps are another thing to consider. How hot will it get in there? Depth is another issue. Some Gen3 modules might not fit in the lower row. I’m not even sure about the upper row. I’ve never put a Gen3 module in my Mantis, nevermind a deep one, like TBC2.

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I run some Gen3 off a brick and a cheap splitter (Gen 2 mA add up to less than the brick spec of course) and a handful of other modules off Eurorack. No real problems noticed.

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I use the power from the case and a separate 12v 5A supply, I have mostly gen3 modules. I power all the modules which receive sync from the separate supply and use the case supply for the other modules.

It’s a similar setup to the LZX distro but I made it myself.
Works great.

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My understanding of power isn’t too sophisticated, including not knowing about tying 0v’s together, so grain of salt… I use a euro case (9U, 84hp) that happens to have a linear supply (needs a Klavis Nodrain for Mainbow’s 5v draw). I also use the LZX distro for gen3 modules. The thing I make sure to do is plug both case and gen3 power into the same power strip/surge protector, and I haven’t had any issues patching across power types which I think is thanks to this. I’m interested to read others’ takes since I’d like to be sure I’m doing right by my gear.