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I’d check on other forums (specifically modwiggler) for news on MDLR - iirc they’ve gone AWOL - but please check as I might be wrong

Konstantlab Boardpower
Was the best option I had before switching to 3A distros.
I am currently running 2x 3A distros in a Makenoise case with a few VH.S modules, Sensory Translator and Pams are on the MN bus. Running nicely for me.

Im a fan of Konstantlab. I run a few euro cases with it and all my Serge stuff runs on 3 Cihla’s. They have a filtered section on each of those Boardpowers. Not sure if it helps or not? They also just released a bigger euro setup. My euro cases were built by Blackhole cases

Solid folks making a real nice case.


For anyone that happens to be following along from my question/discussion a few posts back, I decided that grabbing a Capsule was the path of least resistance for my new dual-power case.

So, here is what I ended up with:

Very similar to the other case I built, above, but instead of the Malekko Power I am using the Capsule plus a 12v distribution block that Dubpixel had pointed out a while back. (Haven’t plugged everything in yet, but seems to all be working thus far after testing with a few individual modules.)

And I decided I didn’t want to give Synthrotek any more of my money, so the person who helped me put this together just cut a little panel for a power inlet and switch.


If anyone needs we’ve got a handful of Capsules that we’re happy to pass along cheap

[edit] they gone

I mean we have more but we’d have to build em, so we can make it happen just don’t expect us to ship em tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Nice work Sean!
I don’t know why more modular heads don’t go with these for cases. Always feels so obvious of a choice if you want to transport. What model did you ues? Or is this a stock Synthrotek sans power? I have spent ages on a few case websites working out the best dimensions but can never decide what to go with.

Edit: looks like the same Apache listed above yea?

Yes, it is another Apache 4800 case from Harbor Freight. Those are the best balance of size, ruggedness, and cost that I have seen.

Another reasonably-priced option that someone either mentioned here, on Discord, or that I possibly saw on Modwiggler (I forget) is the Explorer 5117, which fits 6u and ~100hp.

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