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Good news about Malekko Power availability from one of the Malekko folk on FB:

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While the Malekko Power is a solid power supply, you might consider searching for “Josh Holley Crush Bar” and see if you’d like to support his company from there or not.


I figure the Capsule opensource release warrants a place here.


Definitely, it solves most issues presented above in this thread and you never really have to worry about available stock–just print some! I’m working on getting my system all swapped over to Capsule power. Might consider offering some built extras or finding ways to make the potentially scary bits of SMT on it (QFN regulators) not so troublesome but don’t quote me on that yet. :slight_smile:


Those QFN bits are the only thing stopping me from making one or a few for myself.

The ideal solution would be to have the QFN parts soldered by the PCB fabricator.


Agree that would be easiest, I’ll have to check if JLCPCB has both regulators in stock. All the other parts can easily be placed by hand with a soldering iron and flux. After putting together 10 of these by myself though (just missing DC jacks :stuck_out_tongue: ), I can confirm regular ol’ human beings can do it with a hot air tool, flux, ChipQuik low temp solder and a fair amount of patience:

Preheating your boards is a very good idea and I used an integrated PCB preheater / temperature controlled hot air gun stand.

I found this video to be a helpful reminder on key points of QFN soldering with just a hot air tool and flux:


These look great, @rempesm. Will you be selling any of them? I’m missing a few of the tools required to build this (still doing mostly thru-hole), but could definitely use a cleaner power supply. :slight_smile:


The ones in this batch of 10 are already spoken for but I may do a run of 10 or 20 fully built units if enough folks would be interested. I don’t want to clog up this thread and I don’t have an exact price figured out quite yet so please PM me for now if you’re interested.


Wow! Nice work! The smallest pitch I’ve tackled recently is TSSOP-16. You hit on the one element I lack: PATIENCE :laughing:


LZX put together a very small batch of kits designed for use with a 6U case.


Question on the DC Power Distro DC Distro – LZX Industries
Is one DC Power Distro sufficient to power one each Memory Palace, Chromagnon, TBC2 and Expander?

I believe its around 5amps so probably more

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DC Distro gives you 5A to work with.
Chromagnon is ~ 1.5A
Mempal and TBC2 are ~ .55A each


So I am planning to build another case, similar to the one I posted above. But, factoring in a bunch of power-hungry Gen3 modules, I want to make it a hybrid case, power-wise.

I am trying to balance a number of factors here: portability, durability, maximizing space for modules, as well as admittedly also being budget conscious.

For DC distribution, I was thinking of using the distribution blocks that Dubpixel posted a while back:

And then for eurorack power, I was thinking of using a TipTop Studio Bus, as I recall that being mentioned in the past as a reasonably low noise board, it provides enough power for the non-Gen3 modules I’ll have in the case, while also being still readily available and relatively inexpensive.

BUT, because nothing can be easy, I now see that the Studio Bus requires 15v power, and not 12v. Yet I was hoping to have a single power brick that would be connected to both the eurorack board and the distribution for the Gen3 modules.

So, questions:

  1. Is there another eurorack power board that folks can recommend, with similar performance to the Studio Bus, at a similar price point, but that is 12v?

(I don’t know of any) (BSO’s recent run of Capsules comes close price-wise, but I guess I missed that; also it does not do as good a job of physically distributing the power jacks, which I think would frustrate me)

  1. Or is a dual brick solution the easiest/cheapest here?

(I would however really rather avoid this, if possible; but if it is the path of least resistance— :person_shrugging:)

  1. Is there some other solution I am not thinking of?

(…More generally, what are people doing for DIY hybrid cases?)

Thanks for any thoughts/input!

…But, alternatively, does anyone have a single built-up LZX Capsule power board available?

Dual PSU - get in line, not wall warts. Tape them together, use an IEC Y splitter and you’ll barely notice inconvenience besides two cables and possibly extra bulk

Dual PSU is the best answer (2 bricks.)

But also, you can get 12V to 15V boost converters like this one:

You could try powering the TipTop from that, and then have a big hefty 12V source for everything on a single inlet (just make sure to rate connectors appropriately.)

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Posting to see if anyone has any recent experiences/updates with the following:

  • MDLR PWR powered busboard 45W version
  • Konstantlab Boardpower (45W)
  • Make Noise Powered Busboard

Looking between the Submodular Systems ‘Shadow’ and the MDLR cases (Pro & Mk1)

Additionally, if anyone has any experience with those specific cases please lmk


MDLR 45w & 85w worked fine for my SD rig. Sold that case before the HD encoders launched so cant say much about that.