installing an Orion Memory Palace


i am considering acquiring a Memory Palace and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are any issues with installing it into a somewhat standard modular case.

i have an old 6U Enclave case that looks like it has more than the required 50mm worth of depth for the Memory Palace requirment.

but of course…i need to consider the space lost by an Intellijel PSU.

any insight regarding any issues anyone has had installing one would be very helpful!


The issues to consider are mounting depth and most importantly, clean power headroom.

Personally, I’ve had no issues installing it into three different cases: Vessel, Doepfer, & a Goike custom. Each of them has properly specified power supplies that are on the LZX approved power supply list which you can refer to here:

An added wrinkle is that the Vessel makes it easy to power the MP from an auxiliary 12v DC power connector on a barrel jack between the Vessel power supply and the MP. This removes the MP power draw from the Eurorack power bus.

A word of warning: Intellijel power supplies have been reported by some users to NOT be ideal for video synthesis with noise issues being a primary concern. Read this thread for more details:

thanks for the thorough response!

modular keeps costing me more and more…