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I use cheap 4 pin m12 connectors and cables for interconnecting power between cases…
Found cheap ones via aliexpress can send link later…

I’m shopping for an eurorack case and although I don’t own any LZX modules yet, they are kind of on my roadmap of purchases in the mid-long term, so I’m thinking about getting something that would work with those as well.
Would a Cre8audio Nifty Case work OK-ish with LZX modules? I know that the PSU will be noisy and I’m somewhat concerned with the low performance of the -12V rail, but is there anything else I should keep an eye on?
Thank you!

have you looked at the recommendations??? - that’s a good place to start!

I’ve never seen anyone mention using the nifty case for video - so you could always try it!!!

good (recommended) power supplies are the Malekko, Doepfer PSU3 and TipTop Studio bus - if you get a doepfer case specifically for video - 6u is recommended - as the 9u has more space and the same power supply

I use a tiptop mantis which is very close to the Studio bus and works well - but can only really get half full of LZX modules - I have some doepfer and Maths and Stages in the same case and everything just about works - unless it gets hot - which is when you discover why the vessels have fans in them!

saying this which modules are you interested in?

some of (if not all) the newer ones are less fussy about power (on board regulators) Toppogram for example and both Chromagnon and Memory Palace can be (at least partially) powered from an external wall wart which will help massively

and a some of the DIY modules will probably not fit in the nifty

What are people doing for large systems? I’m looking to purchase a 12U MDLR case because my video modular is just exploding all over in different cases, all with substandard power.

Lars has said in various comments that the Malekko and new LZX boards aren’t ideal for large studio systems. So what is?

LIBB+linear PSU would be the highest quality option, but finding a power supply that will output up to 6A and fit inside a eurorack case is a bit challenging. There is the L-1 but at only 1.5A I’d need four of them and that just feels a bit overkill-ish or something.

Curious to hear what others are doing!

I have an MDLR 14U case that is fantastic from a header and wattage perspective. I haven’t experienced all that much noise with the Meanwell power supplies either. I have limited space in my apartment, so it is nice to be able to stow all that hp in around 4 cubic feet. My one concern is that the ring/collar isn’t as solid as I’d like it to be for transportation, especially considering how heavy/not waterproof a loaded case can be. I could probably reenforce some of the weaker points, however I’d rather spend the time patching. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t considering a Doepfer case, especially because their power supplies have been recommended by LZX for low noise.

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After collecting parts piecemeal for probably almost a year, finally put together a case today — with a lot of help from a friend who is far more handy than I (my main contribution was slicing open my thumb while trying to shorten a screw).

Very close to what @Tan_Sat posted above, but with an extra 1u row as well. Used @Dewb’s drill template, so thanks for that!

Will post parts list below pics, in case that helps anyone.

Didn’t want to wait for the LZX power module, so just built this 1u Synthrotek power inlet kit:

Added feet, so the screws on the bottom don’t scratch tables:

Ended up using the same exact feet for the spacers on either side of the rack bracket since they were a perfect fit:

Harbor Freight Apache 4800 XL Case $55
Malekko Power $229
Cincon TRH100A120 DC Power Brick $45
Synthrotek 1u Power Panel $18
Vector TS169 Rails x 6 $66
Pulp Logic 1u + 3u + 3u Case Bracket $40
M2.5 Square Nuts $12
& ~$10 misc. hardware

= $475

(not including taxes and shipping, but I also picked up several of those things on sale or used, so I estimate my total cost was more like $450)


So i’m doing a DIY Suitcase rack for my first ever set up, what is the recommended depth for such a case?

I’m looking to mount 6u 84hp to the bottom and then have room at the top to maybe leave patches in when its closed (although not a deal breaker). So how deep does the bottom where I’ll have the rails and power stuff need to be (right now, I’ve got cadets, syntonie, reverse landfill diy stuff only but who knows in the future)? Is there a general recommendation?

2.5 inches at a minimum I’d say. If you want to be careful then I’d go 4 inches or so.

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all the cadets and most of the synthonie and reverse landfill are boards mounted perpendicular to the panel and some of them can be quite deep so I’d say what lars is saying as clearance over the power supply/busboards and any mountings for the busboards - I’d go for at least 3 inches so there’s a decent amount space for ribbon cables too!

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the Matrix mixer panel & pcb are mounted parallel :slight_smile:

I have to say, I love shallow cases. But I have none.
My main case is 10.5 cm deep (which is about 4 inches)

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I know Martijn!!! - I’ve built and am using both the triple function generator and matrix mixer often - I just couldn’t be bothered to go into that much detail…

not sure If I updated, the befaco supply seems reasonably clean - I’ve passed video through modules in it without obvious ‘dirt’ showing up

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I see some mention of the monorocket cases, and some power is good and some is not, but dont see specific models of power.
I found a monorocket case with 2 Heng Fu HF60W-SL-12’s in it and was wondering if those would be good for a 12u system?

generally if the power supply is not mentioned as being good for video - you will be taking a gamble

I want preface this question by emphasizing I understand that Chromagnon has it’s own power and Memory Palace has the aux 12V DC option, however there is something to be said for the convenience of having all modules in one case with a SINGLE power supply especially when it comes to performance applications.
In a recent comment on facebook Lars said of Chromagnon: “worth noting that this can be dirty power. All the clean analog power supplies are inside the module. So you should be able to use a much larger range of euro power supplies than with previous LZX modules.” Excuse my ignorance, but the word ‘analog’ caught my eye. Does this mean that more digitally oriented modules like Memory Palace would be less susceptible to dirty power? I am currently considering limiting the video modules in my system to the two aforementioned: Memory Palace and Chromagnon. Would this open up the selection of power supplies? Many of the sanctioned power supplies listed in this thread wouldn’t meet the demands of these two modules however something like Intellijel’s TPS80W would.

You are correct–Memory Palace (with the other Orion modules) and Chromagnon are much better insulated from power supply ripple than the Expedition series modules. It is worth noting that Chromagnon will require almost 1.5A on the positive 12V rail, which will eliminate most eurorack power supplies as viable power solutions.

Ironically, if I’m understanding this correctly, this is great news: it leaves me with just under 1000mA of unused power, are their any other modules similarly robust :wink: ?

Memory Palace needs about 550ma on the positive rail, so you should be ok.

Just picked up the 84hp NiftyCASE and plugged in my Visual Cortex and Prismatic Ray modules. For some reason I get a high pitch hiss whenever I plug in more than one module. I thought I would be within the power limits:

Power output for modules

Does the case just come with a bad psu?

it’s a definite possibility - I’ve not heard of whining before though

I’d go for a case with one of the recommended power supplies if I were you, otherwise it is a complete gamble - have you tried plugging into a tv? you’ll probably see noise all over that too