Share photos and details about your modular video synth rigs


Please post photos of your setup and describe how and why you designed it the way you did.


This is my Triple Vessel Fleet currently:

You can see the modular assortment here:

The modular grid link is accurate except there’s a brownshoesonly Video Grip where the Dave Jones MVIP is shown.

I have the following additional modules on order to finish this phase of system design:

  • 2 Doorway
  • 3 Staircase
  • 2 Shapechanger
  • 3 Prismatic Ray

After that I’ll have what I feel like is a solid 3-4 voice shape generation and processing system. And this is all pre Orion!

An unusual aspect of the system is having 3 Sensory Translators which allows for true stereo processing and audivisualization. My actual use-case for three is an electroacoustic composition I’m working on for a trio of acoustic instruments, and the stereo use is just a happy accident.

The cases are set up in an odd configuration at the moment. Initially, I had the dual run of Color Chords, Polar Fringe, Mapper, and Marble Index all in one case to allow for at least six RGB paths (two per side of the Visual Cortex) to be in the mix at once. However, this left most of the signal generation modules in other cases. I wanted to try and create a setup where in a pinch, one Vessel could do a bit of everything, and that’s what the bottom case is at this time. You can see that the bottom Vessel has two Passages in it, and so does the middle case. I think a Passage per row is not asking for too much. Even though they are not patched up in this picture, when I develop a patch, I eventually need the mixing capabilities that they offer, and they do it with brilliant subtlety.

Seriously, a Passage, Bridge, and Arch in EVERY row is how I plan to roll. Especially once I relocate these modules into my Goike Studio case. At the point the idea I have is for the Goike to be like a library, and the Vessels like book bags to carry things back and forth to performances.

The one thing I feel this system currently lacks is ramps options. @creatorlars and other folk have helped me get my head around multing them from Visual Cortex (BRIDGES, I NEED MORE BRIDGES!) and then running those multed versions through processes (ARCHES, I NEED MORE ARCHES!) and this has helped. But what I really want is a Visionary Ramps. Or, maybe, I can haz Diver?! :drooling_face:

I could also justify having a Pendulum in every row. SO useful from mixing to creating subtle movements. Sleeper hit of the whole line imho.

The Castle line brings a lot to the party, but they are deep for the Vessels and require very specific placement to fit. I’m eager to scatter them around in my studio case as they really open up interesting options with the other modules. At first I thought they all had to be used together within the Castle line. The more I break them free and intermingle them with the Expedition line, the more amazing things I see.

I’m still learning Video Grip, but the ability to mix video signals with a joystick is more fun than should be allowed. 3 joysticks in 18u isn’t too much is it? :crazy_face:

The Malekko AD/LFO packs a lot of motion in a small package.

All of the non-video specific modules pictured do some very useful things in a video synth. The Modcan LFO is particularly useful as it can be synced, has a really wide range, and has attenuation of both incoming and outgoing signals (meaning it doesn’t need to run through Bridge to work with the LZX video voltage range.)

You can see examples of what I’m getting up to with this system here:

Feel free to hit me up with any questions and comments you may have.


Love the thought process behind this system. Mine was created much more organically as I started back in the beginnings of the visionary system, and you fought tooth and nail for anything you could get.


July 27, 2018 (Europe: Paris), July 26, 2018 (America: Los Angeles)


This is a system that I’ve been building slowly over the course of about a year and a half. At this point, it is best at external video processing & shape generation. It has a couple of oscillators for pattern generation, but I wouldn’t say that is its strength. (I briefly owned a Vidiot, and that was fantastic at pattern generation.) As I expand, I’d like to continue in the shape generation direction by adding a further Navigator to compliment the 2nd Shapechanger (adjusting X/Y w/ Passage is not ideal), and in the direction of external processing with some of the forthcoming Orion series modules.

So far, apart from a couple odd music video projects, I’ve used the system to do what I think of as “video parlor tricks” – very representational experiments that help improve my technique.


I quite like that phrase. :rofl:


Portable setup since I travel a good bit. Mantis for now but Vessel eventually. I wanted to give a shoutout to the Blackmagic Ultrastudio HD Mini - perfect if you want to travel “light” and have both recording and monitoring to HDMI in one box. (If you’re going to bring a notebook to record anyhoo…)

(That patch is a few different Castle VCOs going into a TVMMF, and different filter types going into different color channels on either side of the VC, with a Pendulum modulating the filters. Maybe some color variation from Color Chords?)


What started as a row of video modules in the Pittsburgh enclosure quickly took over the whole case. With the release of Orion I will have the case filled and would like to switch to two stacked vessel cases. I have everything jammed into the corner of my office until renovations are finished, then I will have a projector wall and more outlets in the work area.
I spend more time in the eurorack audio world and only dabble in the video. A Sensory Translator looks like my next addition. Orion modules are pre ordered and I expect to be spending a lot of time this winter in their warm embrace.