Introduce yourself, video freaks!

Tell us about yourself. Show us some artworks.


I’m just getting started, so no artwork yet!

I make live music with modular synths, and some of it gets recorded. You can find it under the moniker “prettyhowtown”.

I hate writing about myself, so that’s a good place to stop. :smiley:


My first exposure to video synthesis was with a Hearn Videolab a few years ago. I had no clue how any of it worked and it took forever to figure out but regardless I’m stoked it planted a little seed that took hold. I eventually noticed that Perfect Circuit had a fully working demo system and started exploring it further. Roughly a year later I was hooked and had planned out a fun starter system. At this point I’m roughly eight months in and stumbling through tons eye opening moments.

Here’s a still from a recent video on Instagram. :crab:


This would be a super deep dive but would totally tell you about myself and practice. It’s a talk/discussion between with some super interesting people who came out this past Friday for the opening of “Thank you for your feedback!” a solo exhibition of my audiovisual materials at Indiana University South Bend. The video quality is dark and was shot on a phone, but the audio is totally listenable. :slight_smile:


My name is Collin James Diederich. I make music and videos as Robotboot since 1996. I am a sci-fi/synth/video head

My latest work that incorporates about all of the video things I can do.


Hey everybody, Im Luis and Im pretty new to video art I was converted into a Vidiot in the end of 2016. I come from a DIY eurorack community based in Madrid, I have been bulding my modular system for 7 years now.

I love to be both the “luthier” and to play the audio/video instruments I build. What lured me and actually keeps me interested in this small circle, is the amazing community it has and infinite experimentation and exploration this wondefull medium gives me. Its a pleasurr to be onboard this wondefull trip.


Hey y’all! I’m matos and I’m holding it down in the boogie down bronx. I’m a multimedia art mainly focusing on fabric based work.


Are the images you shared of fabric pieces?! Beautiful! What sort of dimensions and what kind of material?


Thanks. These are basically lzx into the computer. From there I extract stills and use those as design elements. I build the pieces digitally and then print onto fabric to rebuild in the analog world. They are about 24” by 36” as I don’t have a long arm sewing machine so I need them to stay a certain size for the finishing stitches and embellishments. I print onto cotton.


Beautiful, beautiful work. Thank you for sharing more of your process. :pray:


do you sell your pieces anywhere they have always been very intriguing


Thank you. I created a little threadless thing for anyone interested in affordable prints.

Threadless prints
Anyone can contact me either here or via Instagram
If they want to discuss obtaining any of the work. Really appreciate the love.


  • Hi I’m Alex, I mostly make virtual reality stuff but I also really like synthesizers and lasers. Check out the lights

Hello All!

You may have seen my work posted on FB and IG. I have worked with video production and video art for a few years (er, decades actually). I’ve been actively using LZX since March 2013 (SyncGen/CVE and a single VWG!). I do mostly generative synthesis and live performance.

Here’re are some links to my work:

And a shot of the studio currently:


hi everyone
i discovered the vidiot by chance & feel as though it was made specifically for me…:heart_eyes:
im an introvert techno music type. i put on regular dance events in olympia.


Hi !
I’m Martijn / reverselandfill.
I’ve been doing video synthesis for over 18 years. (mostly with live video feedback. camera’s, mixers+effect in loops.
About 3 years ago I bought the system21 Cadet pcb’s and build my own custom video modular .
(wooden panels, Novanex knobs, about 4U format)
I also have the Gieskes 3TrinsRGB with a few expansion. I made the (eurorack) triple comparator expansion.
(see my site for info)
Recently I’ve been busy on DIYing a lot of the available schematics (Cadet, Sandin, and Castle)
So my modular is growing fast :slight_smile:


hello all! happy to be here. I make music as shredderghost (i’m around the internet) and I’ve been in the audio side of eurorack for a number of years. First became interested in LZX during the Visionary stage but wasn’t able to commit until recently. started with Vidiot and then Visual Cortex and Staircase. I also built a BPMC Fluxus cause you can never have too much glitch!
Looking forward to learning and being inspired by all of the great artists and thinkers here!


Agreed - Matos, amazing work!

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Howdy, I’m a piano/organ/synth player based in Iowa City, IA. Toured and recorded with weirdo, deconstructed RnR bands for years, now working in behavioral health using music therapy with kids and teens. Continuously evolving solo recordings and live performances. Modular gear fits right into the way my brain works, especially video synthesis. Luddite.