Introduce yourself, video freaks!


Hey folks, good to meet you all.

I’m into audio synthesizers, mainly hardware, mainly analog, some modular, some vintage.

“by day” I work in the world of live video streaming technology

but I really find the textures and the fluidity of motion of analog video processing really beautiful and I love the tactile experience of hardware

“by night” I’m building out a hardware based workflow that will allow me to make music and video at the same time and is computer free (unless I want to capture stems or stream)

I’m still working on a “set” I’d like to share, I’ll let you know when I do!



Hi everyone :slight_smile: , I’m Martino, 23 y/o from Italy. I got into glitch video processing this year, and I mainly work with circuit bent gear, also working on some circuit designs.
I work on music videos for local bands, live visual and also plain video art, such as image processing and abstract feedback.
You can find some of my work here: Melt Dream


Hello everybody! I’ve been following LZX for years. Got into video synthesis with a 3Trins and got a Vidiot this year. I’m excited to meet other vidiots here and learn more about getting the most out of this little sweetie pie.

Here is a piece I made:


Hey everyone, finally got around to making an account here. I’ve been making art and music for years now, started plenty of bands with plenty of unreliable musicians, so a few years back I decided to do it all myself and get into gear. This led me down the eurorack rabbit hole which led me to LZX. So here we are, I’ll have some stuff up somewhere at some point, once I get over the “this isn’t finished I can’t put it in to the world” hump.


Hi, I’m new here. Been using modular audio for about 3 years, always wanted lzx modules but out of my price range until the diy modules came along. Got a few pcbs and just waiting on some parts before I get building


Hi! I have a pretty large eurorack setup but have only recently just begun to dip my toes into the world of video synthesis with my brand new Vidiot that just arrived a few days ago. It’s so much fun!!! Anyway, I of course now want to build and buy absolutely everything on this site so I’m sure I’ll get to know you all a bunch more on the other threads. Cheers!


Hi, my name is Chris. I’m dipping my toes in these waters. I’m a couple of years into audio modular, I lean towards noise but sometimes use notes. I record on Soundcloud and Bandcamp as Mrs Hardy (named after my sadly departed cat, she like to hang out in my basement studio while I recorded).

A work colleague introduced me to LZX. I’ve been messing around with Lumen off and on since January. I mostly use it for moderately interesting visuals for Youtube uploads of modular improvisations. Lately though, I feel like I’m spending more time on the visuals than the music, so am researching how to go a bit deeper.

Here’s an example of a piece I made this weekend for the Disquiet Junto challenge,

It’s a data point for why I think I might be veering in a video direction - as the music is really mediocre but I’m pretty proud of how the video turned out. I need to start and finish pieces in a few short hours because of time constraints and attention span constraints. My workflow for audio is typically some variation on sit down, hit record on the 4-track portastudio, zone out for a while, come back to the tape later to see if I want to edit it into a bandcamp release or maybe build something else on top of it. I think I’d have fun expanding the workflow to include “hit record on the vcr” to also record live improvised visuals. My 11 year old son also really enjoys messing around with Lumen, more than the audio modular, so…this might be a path to get him more involved. Or it might be me justifying a bunch of buying in the name of my kid. Heh.

I live in Boulder Colorado, USA.


Hi video freaks!

I’m Geoff Womeldorff. I’ve written and recorded electronic music in the distant past, and I goof off with an audio modular currently. In the slightly less distant past, I used to work with compositing videos produced using Artmatic. I found an old DVD of that and uploaded it here:

pvideo Winter 2003 DVD

My favorite of those is this guy:


I have been assembling a small LZX system and am starting to come to grips with how to get around inside of it, and how to interface it with audio things. (Very slowly!)

IRL I work in scientific R&D, towards performance portability in HPC.


I’m mainly a Vectrex / oscillographics person… you may know me from that modification document I shared a while ago that built on Lars’s muffwiggler post (and hopefully it wasn’t me that helped push the prices of the consoles up). I do have a load of Cadet’s and a VC for Rutt/Etra stuff, as well as a 3TrinsRGB and a few other bits and bobs.

I also run the Brighton Modular Meet in the UK and always provide the Video Circuits gang with a room and some large Sony PVMs.



I’m VanTa, from Andalusia but based in Berlin. I’m a creative coder during the day and visual ‘artist’ during the night. :slight_smile:
Not sure why I wasn’t here before…
Here’s my digital insta: @vantaslog
and my analog one: @vantanalogue


First post, Eli here from Mystic Circuits. Newbie to modular video but I have been doing computer based visuals for something like 8 years now.

Here is some of my LZX based stuff (my fiancee and I play shows as “Knob Fondlers”)

Here is some of my computer based stuff, in this case a live pixel sorting of a video loop:


Hi! I make video synth and paintings in Topanga Canyon, CA. I started out working mainly in experimental 16mm film - burning it, scratching, painting. Now I’m hooked on distorting video. I love my LZX Vidiot. My instagram is @cherylcambras. Excited to learn more about video synth.


Hi I’m Jim

I’ve been playing around with Processing, PraxisLive and Lumen for a while

I have a eurorack modular synth and am awaiting both some lzx modules and the john noble built sandin ip differentiator and function generator modules (on the way, thanks John!!)

I post on instagram as jimhowell1970

I post on muffwiggler as Agawell




Welcome! Great to see some video work coming from Topanga. Also you’re work in textiles and metal is great. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions here!


Thanks, Bill! Great to see you here!


Hello everyone! My name’s Adam - I produce content under the moniker Giant Face Films.

I’ve shot and edited different kinds of videos over the years, but am about to jump into video synthesis. I’m looking forward to this new world and hopefully getting to know some of you!

If you’re interested, you can check out some of my work here:



also new to the video stuff but make music



Hi everyone, I’m Nick. sometimes people just refer to me as 'brown shoes". I operate the brownshoesonly lineup featured in this sub-forum :

I never filled out this page so I’m gonna take some time to introduce myself and my history alongside LZX.

I started with a LZX Visionary system in 2011, I slowly built that system up to a rippling size of between 12u and 15u until just recently when I sold my longtime instrument and started new with a 6u Vessel and the Expedition Series.

Around 2012, with the help/encouragement of Lars(lzx) and Shawn(analoghaven) I put out a Triple VCA module and turned the brownshoesonly name into a synthesizer company. Previously the name was my wifi password, which came from a weird sign I made for the pile of shoes at my door after a night of shenanigans. Since then I have released a number of modules and am currently working on re-branding and revising those.

I currently build the following modules. Video Mixer, Video Soup, Triple LFO, Hexadirectional Crossfader, Video Grip.

In the works are Scanner(s) V2 (codename Cronenberg), a Quad Digital lfo with wipe, quadrature, and other modes, component/composite distribution amplifier, sample and hold, and the rest are just ideas with no physical progress so I won’t mention.

As far as my performance goes. I started early with simple keying procedures. .lots of keying. As my system grew I was able to move towards a generative style with more video generators at my disposal. Ive had a good history with doing contract video work both live and content generation for tour grown through relationships with touring lighting designers and creative directors. Lately ive seen my styles change again due to this growing community. I’ve been inspired more and more by other lzx artists lately because the wonderful work lzx has put into driving this community.

here’s a blurry photo from this past week when I had the wonderful opportunity to play alongside the Sun Ra Arkestra at the Art Institute of Chicago. (go there)


Hallo from Berlin!
I’m just starting to learning about LZX. I’ve built myself a nice system which I’ve played around with it a couple of times but in need for some tips. If there’s any advanced (more advanced them myself, hehe) users in Berlin that have time to give a started some tips, kindly contact me. I’m eager to learn!


Hi from Melbourne, Australia. Don here! I have been getting around doing live visuals for local electronic music stuff for a little over year now. My work mostly consists of textural out of focus camera + synch corruption/glitch stuff through video mixer feedback loops.

My first LZX was a Vidiot, but I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a Memory Palace and seeing what it can do!

I really got deep into video after borrowing a Synchronator from uni and figuring out I could use a looping 4-track with prerecorded tones to “play” it.

Here’s some screencaps of me fondling a rose :stuck_out_tongue: :