Introduce yourself, video freaks!


Hello, Tim here, based in Baltimore, USA. Composer and visual artist. Working across a spectrum of things after getting deeply into things at a Signal Culture residency a few years ago. I have an online portfolio up here:

Currently I’m working on analog video synthesis for a public art event, and also bridging some long term collaborations with choreographers into live work with datamoshing and scanning apps that Signal Culture has released.


Hello everyone! My name is Timo Juntunen and I’m from Tampere Finland. I got the Visual Cortex last winter but I’ve been busy with mixing and producing music (just an ep I made with a friend of mine) and the project is finally off from the table and most of my focus is tilting heavily towards video art. I find the idea of the picture modulating the audio and vice versa very interesting, as well as feedback loops with a camera shooting the telly etc. The way things work in video synthesis seems very mystical to me but little by little things begin to unravel. Besides being super exited about video synthesis right now I want to say that the overall good vibes and kindness of the fellow video artists here and the LZX fb-group is truely beautiful and inspiring, so thank you all for that! I just got the Intensity shuttle recently so I don’t have much work to show yet. Here are some clips anyhow:


Hey everyone! We’re some practiced problem solvers just getting into video and audio synthesis. We can definitely see the potential for organic design and art offered by analog video modulation, and want to help create a lasting reference to catalyze learning for all current and future synth enthusiasts.

The Vidiot has been an excellent first experience, but we’re still exploring and cataloging its functionality. We’ll be releasing tutorials and demonstrations on YouTube for achieving particular results, as well as some more complicated patches as we progress. We’ll also be streaming occasionally on Twitch. The upcoming Orion modules have us excited, and we’re eager to learn with you video freaks in the coming months!


I have no experience with modular synthesizers at all, but I’m fascinated by it very much, especially video synthesis, I am graphic designer from Tokyo and this is start of my journey I guess.



What began as a love of photography, cinema and found footage grew into something much greater when a few years back I was introduced to video circuit-bending and older obsolete video electronics. Using these pieces in a live performance setting was always the goal, and from the get-go, tachyons boxes, vcrs, and video mixers turned into buying a 3trins, building its expanders and just over year ago, the LZX cadet/ castle line.

Now, I regularly gig and tour with my mix of visionary and expedition system under the name CINEMA.AV, which you can find at @cinema.av on instagram, for an ever-evolving body of work.

Aside from the usual digital means, my work extends itself to instant and 35mm film renderings and over the last year, has appeared in local galleries and pop-up’s throughout north texas. But when I’m not playing live, or coordinating visuals for Dallas Ambient Music Nights, I’m occasionally writing or building a set of castle or cadet modules for fellow artists, so if you need anything, let me know.

This long intro might make me look insane, but I’m fine with that as I’ve got a constant flow of creative energy that just can’t be stopped…



hej there!
my name is mario, i life in leipzig/ germany and been doing live music performances with analgog modular equipment from time to time. i always had the thought “how great would it be if there was an easy way to make pictures get moved by the music”… so i found out about lzx…i mean not just changing pics to the beat but more a little more alive. didnt let me go, so now i got the visual cortex and bridge, andor coming these days, and a live performance is in progress, heres my first synthesis of audio and video that is performable and where i understand the patch (music starts at 00:15), have fun and its a real pleasure to be with you, the way of the comminication on this board is just awesome!
the kiss patch: