12 Insane (But True) Things About Video Synth Patching

Hi All,

Please excuse the Content Creator / Clickbait Title generator topic name! I plan to record some videos describing my approaches to patching the video synth and capture workflows. Likely these will live on my Vimeo page for now. I’ll try to announce them here and on Instagram.

The goal of these is to share some of what works for me - I want to emphasize that there are no right or wrong ways to patch any of this gear, and your ways may well be better than mine!

If there are specific modules or features of modules that you’d like to see covered, please comment here. If there’s enough interest in a given topic I’ll prioritize those. I have most of the Visionary, Expedition and Orion modules (except for some of the most interesting and sought after, TVFKG, VBM, and the RGB Expedition modules) but that’s still plenty of ground to cover.

First up: LZX Staircase Phase Control as Voltage Source




All yellow brick roads lead to the holy grail I hear…

EDIT: maybe we should call the series Jello Brick Road!


This was so awesome Bill! :mage:


Thanks @creatorlars - working on the next couple now.


Another quickie: Video Synth Techniques AKA TpZnTrX on Vimeo


Awesome series that you are putting together!

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love the sounds in video #2 hahaha
also a great way to visualize using ramps!
thank you so much

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Thanks for obliging the Prismatic Ray request! So great to see such a controlled and practical application of FMing a video oscillator and your use of Pendulum is a show stealer.

Looking forward seeing more of these.


Things really took off after I set this up - but too scattered to make sense of easily! :upside_down_face: I’ll be working with ramps and PR a bit more in upcoming installments.

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That magic button blew my mind. Booonngggg