LZX Patch Challenge: Socially Distanced Fireworks

For those who don’t frequent Facebook, I’ve been launching a weekly discussion on LZX modules and video synthesis concepts on the FB group. It’s been going for a couple months now and I’ve always loved the idea of patch challenges so I wanted to do one in tandem with this week’s thread. I am very excited to announce that this challenge is officially sponsored by LZX, who have generously offered up an LZX Arch module for the winner and t-shirts as runner up prizes!

While 4th of July celebrations are right around the corner, I trust that most of us will be observing at a safe distance this year so I thought we could bring the fireworks to us instead. Your patch challenge is to create an animated fireworks show with LZX video modules. To make things fair and streamlined, I’ve come up with a few rules.


  1. You must fill out the Google form below to submit your video!
  2. Direct hardware video synthesis with LZX modules only. An exception is made for non-video eurorack modules (LFOs, envelopes, logic, etc).
  3. No camera or image inputs, no outboard gear except final capture device/camera.
  4. Video entries can be between 15-60 seconds, one entry per person.
  5. Both video captures and rescans are acceptable as entries, 480p preferred when possible. Please do not submit anything above 1080p.
  6. Entries will be accepted starting now, June 26th, and will end at 5pm CST on Thursday, July 2nd.
  7. Winners will be chosen via poll on July 3rd with the results formally announced on July 4th. You need to be registered on the LZX forum to vote!
  8. Creator of the video with the most votes will win an LZX Arch, all other artists will receive an LZX t-shirt. In the unlikely chance of a tie, we’ll hold a tie-breaker poll.
  9. All LZX users worldwide may participate and are eligible to win one of the two prizes. Prizes will be shipped to winners by LZX.

I’ve created a Google form for entries, where you will need to enter your information (so I can contact you if you win) and upload your video. You can optionally post your entry to Instagram or YouTube and share it below in the comments, but you must submit it via the form or it will be omitted in the challenge.



(If for some reason you don’t have a Google account or can’t upload the video, submit the form sans video and then email me the video at txvidiot@gmail.com. Any other issues, email me or DM me here on the forum)

Given that there’s a whole dang module up for grabs, I hope everyone will put their all into this challenge! Really looking forward to seeing the results. We plan on putting together a video showcase on YouTube of all the entries after the challenge is over. Happy patching!


We’ve got three entries so far! I hope to see a lot more!

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Just over 3 days to go and we got 6 entries in. Keep it coming y’all. No reason to not enter, you get a shirt just for participating!

Quick note! A few people have asked me if they can resubmit for various reasons. This is fine on my end, you will only get one entry in the final poll but you can send in an updated entry before the deadline. Please mention it in the patch notes so I know which one is the final!

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One question on the rules - To what extent can I use audio to modulate the patch?

Can you clarify on that?

I wasn’t sure if audio would be treated more on the envelope side, or more on the prerecorded image side. I would be using to drive a sensory translator, diver, etc.

I don’t see a problem with that, but just FYI all sound is going to be cut in the voting in case you are working on something audio-visual

Cool, thank you very much for the clarification. And thank you for hosting this competition, I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with! :slightly_smiling_face:

12 entries! Awesome! Keep it coming y’all

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Just over 24 hours to go!

Here’s a second fireworks video I’ve done just now for fun


Thanks for setting this up. An interesting challenge and I wish I had more time to devote to it. But, I did at least submit something. Cheers!


Holy cow! We’re up to 24 entries now!!

Only 6 hours left to enter. Contest ends at 5pm central


Are videos expected to be a single take without edits? I have a couple clips from last night’s session that I like, but one is too long and I was considering taking out a chunk of the middle, or maybe splicing together half of the long one with the shorter one.

It would be best if you submit one clip of one patch


That makes sense. (It’s the same patch, I just jammed on the controls for half an hour or so. The sweet spot of the feedback is super touchy.) This was a really fun challenge, thanks for putting it together!


this was super fun
I tried to keep is to what I already had in my vessel minus the structure
limitations tend to help me actually scratch the itch of what a patch challenge is all about
not just oh I can do that with this module
but how does that actually work and how can I fake it with what I have right here

I think if we were allowed to do video input I would have done just a ton of passes with MP paint mode composited together

I’ll give it a whirl anyway

@Genlok I just wanted to make sure that my submission went through I forgot to send a copy to myself

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Entry received! Thanks for participating!


Glad you had fun, it’s been a joy to organize it

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