LZX Patch Challenge: Voting Thread! **Voting ends at 11:59pm on July 4, US central time**

Thank you everyone who entered this patch challenge! I received a total of 26 entries!!! Now it’s time to vote for your favorite patch and help us select a winner for the LZX Arch module.



00:03 Brian Kinkade (wide_closed) - Upwards to Decay
00:57 Chris Bennet (SineBrave) - Atari Fireworks
01:19 Chris Cortier (Iron Egg) - Firewerx
01:43 Chris Johnson - cracklzx
02:46 Chris Korvin (Yat_sek) - Launching Physically Distanced Fireworks
03:48 Dan Olivo (Slow Cities) - Finale with a Fizzle
04:24 David Francus (dfrxnlimited) - Salute with a Report
04:36 Evan Twyford - Freedom 2020
05:33 Gijs van Ouwerkerk (The Voltage Painter) - Turn on the Sound! (sorry, there’s no sound lol)
05:58 Jeffrey Evergreen (jevergreenj) - Juneteenth in Detroit
07:00 Jesse Aguilar - It was a Geometric Killer
07:27 Jim Warrier (destroythingsbeautiful) - Catherine Rockets
08:00 Lauren Klotzman - Fireworks
08:31 Leslie Rollins (337is) - LZX Fireworks
08:49 Matthieu Vanier (Matthieu Vanille) - Low Explosive Pyrotechnic Devices
09:20 Matt Smalley - Whacky Crackly Sizzle Wizzle
09:50 Matthew Rempes - Annual Civilian Munitions Practice
10:34 Maurits Elzinga (mephic.graphics) - Crosettes
11:00 Michael Dewberry (Anagram) - Sparks Over the Charles
12:01 Nan Tang (tamiX) - Rotating Fireworks
13:03 Nichole Pichon (wednesdayayay) - Looking for a Parachute Army Figure
13:19 Sam Boling - Lob & Pop
13:48 Sean Deyoe - Yay Murica!
14:08 Steve Thomas (desert_museum) - TopoArchWorks
14:37 Steve Voltron (Sleazee Vulture) - Fyrewerks
15:34 Walt Ohnesorge (sympathizer) - Smoke

I edited this video together rather hastily to get it out, so apologies for any typos. FYI, all sound was removed to give every video equal judging. Note: this is an unlisted video for voting only. LZX will be sharing the entries on their public channel later on.

There are some really creative entries in here. Great job everyone, can’t wait to do this again!


In case anyone is wondering, I had originally intended to do a poll right here on the forum, but the software limits poll options to 20 and we have 26 entries to vote on! So, for the sake of not over complicating things with multiple polls, I opted for a Google form, but with board registration required to prevent double voting.


Great job, everyone! That was a fun challenge, thanks for setting it up.


Huzzah! Really diverse and interesting takes. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

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Large number of Chris’s - does that mean that more people whose name is Chris do video synthesis than any others? Matt is second closest.


This was great - thanks for organising and managing and editing the videos.

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