Unaffiliated Patch Challenge I: The Revenge (Haunted House theme)

I love my Memory Palace. I love the media loader. And more than that I love the users I have met in the LZX community that also love the Memory Palace’s media loader. It is with an earnest interest in the beautiful diversity of video synthesis processes and the rich history of video synthesis that I would like to offer the Unaffiliated Patch Challenge I.

@LILWILLY is very generously offering up a 200USD cash prize via PayPal FF.

The Rules: (seriously, read these if you feel like it)

  1. Have fun.
  2. Post your video in this thread along with the tools involved in the process.
  • Entries will be accepted starting now, October 16th, and will end at 5pm CST on Thursday, October 22nd.

  • Winners will be chosen via a combination of community response in the form of comments and likes, and a panel of judges sourced from the community.

  • All LZX users worldwide may participate and are eligible to win the cash prize.

As a reminder, the theme of this challenge is HAUNTED HOUSE. I expect folks to take creative liberties with this idea, make sure it is recognizable as fitting in the topic :slight_smile: While we won’t be judging entries based on recording quality, direct captures or high quality rescans are favorable for judging your patch!

For the sake of clarity, this is an alternative format of the LZX Patch Challenge II: The Revenge. You may use any of the tools within the context of your video art process and remain eligible.


Hi friends,

I have been informed by @Z0NK0UT and @Genlok that I have committed a community error by:

  1. Detracting from the LZX challenge by offering an alternative format of the challenge during the same time period.
  2. Copying the challenge theme.
  3. Copying text from @Genlok 's post.

It seems that if I would like to offer a cash prize for users who would like to approach the same challenge with a different video synthesis process, that it would have to be:

  1. Not at this time.
  2. A different theme.
  3. A ‘new and original’ idea.

Thank you so much for your time.