Im running an interactive online class about making video synths on breadboard

hello lzx community! (long time lurker / modular adjacent video designer here)

if you are not familiar with some of my projects in general i try to design and distribute circuits that are diy and beginner friendly - thinking of these sometimes as stepping stones to more professional creative tools like lzx/modular

as part of this mission iv been working on a beginner friendly 6-part online course about making art with electronics - the idea is that you receive a kit in the mail with all the parts needed to build some vga modules on breadboard (using this custom vga_breadboard_interface i designed) - then each lesson we cover some theory of different concepts (comparators, oscillators, opamps etc) and build some modules that relate to these together.

the last class we ran was a lot of fun and im excited to be doing this again - if you are like me and learn best doing things with your hands then its a pretty unique opportunity to build some video circuits in a structured and supportive context

please reach out if you have any questions and share it around any places that might be interested - i will be closing ticket sales next week to give enough time for everyones kits to arrive




just a final reminder that a few tickets to this class are still available here but will be closing this friday 24th may to give time for everyones kit to arrive in post before the first lesson on june 24th.

if you are on the fence about signing up to this class i just released a promo video that shows some example builds from the last time this class ran - you can watch this short clip here:

also if you are interested but cant front the whole cost right now feel free to email me ( on ) to arrange split payments