LZX-based academic curriculum?

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I wanted to see if I could gather some of your thoughts on a project that I’m working on. Has anyone in the community gone through an academic program that contains many of the theoretical and practical elements of video synthesis? I assume that there have been many offered since the 70’s but it looks as though visual synthesis has more or less always been oriented towards the engineering of these circuits, and less so towards the performance of the art. What are your thoughts on this? My question is, if I were to set out to curate a curriculum map for students of analog video synthesis in 2019, what would be the core elements of that curriculum? If you were to join a one-year program dealing specifically with the field of electronic visualization, what courses would you want or expect to take? and what prerequisites would you think should be required before taking said courses?

From what I’ve seen, the members of this community (myself included) have gone to great lengths to self-teach and truly explore the possibilities through trial and error and communication with a close-knit community. How do you think that experience might be streamlined in an academic setting?

Just FYI, I work for a small university and this is something that I’m putting together in my spare time. I already use university resources to fuel this exploration on my own, and I’d like to make it as accessible as possible by building this into an academic infrastructure. Help me out!


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much of analog video art can be learned by:

Photography 1 (or any kind of darkroom-based photography class)
Photography 2 to understand the manipulation and processing

Video Production or Multimedia classes to the fundamentals of video as a whole medium

DC circuits and Digital Fundamentals if you want to go further into the basics of understanding how the circuits actually work together.

That’s great input. So our university currently has a film focused media and communications program, which can cover Photography 1/2 + Video Production/Editing in 3 levels including options for studio work. If I were personally looking for a program, I’d definitely want to get a project-based background in circuits, but given this wouldn’t be an electrical engineering degree, I’d like to see it cover essentially an associate’s degree level of electrical engineering content (preferably project-based), dealing with Audio and Video circuits. The ultimate goal would be to produce artists with a technical/working background in A/V electronics, that can build and utilize their own modular and outboard A/V equipment at a professional level.

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