Setting up a system


so I’ve just moved my system around and thought it would be nice to write up some general ideas on it as I get it set back up as it may be helpful to someone

the setup is basically a mixer running into the visual cortex with lots of feedback


(video signals into v4)

  1. Feedback, S-video from Visual cortex

  2. Video playback, composite from Andor 1

  3. Color output, composite from Vidiot

  4. Feedback, composite from V4

Composite => Component
  1. S-video out from V4 into Ambery composite to component box

  2. Switch on the side of the unit set to YCbCr

  3. Component out from ambery box into visual cortex

  4. Once the unit is powered on it is necessary for me to press the button on top otherwise the visual cortex doesn’t see it. The light on the unit will flash red instead of being green.

  1. Visual cortex is the Main sync signal (in a vessel case)

  2. Visual cortex => navigator => vessel case RCA output => Vidiot RCA video input

  • Vidiot loop through RCA output => esher sketch in a secondary case

the sync is terminated there for now

both my prismatic rays are pre RCA sync on the PCB so they just happily use the CV bus in order to get their sync

visual cortex outputs to various TVs


thanks for sharing! Nice info to design future workflows


I have been messing around with different software recording setups

previously I was using BM media express which my computer doesn’t really like (had to find an old version to work on my setup)

here I used black syphon for getting the BM device in syphon world

then syphon recorder

this also shows up reliably in OBS as a syphon stream now

this was honestly my biggest issue with my capture stuff before I couldn’t figure out what magic I had done in order to get the stream into OBS. It worked a couple times then no more. So now I can record lightweight playback with the black syphon=>syphon recorder setup or get something a little more complex with capturing to OBS

when capturing to BM media express I was getting like 2G file sizes for a minutes worth of video and couldn’t seem to curb that down to something more reasonable. This little clip which is the cheapest output from syphon record ended up at 997k

this means I’ll be able to get a streaming setup going

this video was the older capture metho

this video is using the newer capture method with the lowest quality settings

I’ll be updating my original post with software soon this will include capture and source sub headings :slight_smile:
I’ve got an application I’ve been playing around with I’ve never heard anyone mention yet and I think it will tickle a lot of LZXers fanciest fancy

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Thank you for all the details! A great read!