Scrawl raspberry Pi RGBA shape positioner mega thread

So I want to have a place to update info about Scrawl is it develops
the link to build

Next steps

I’ve recently made some progress on the next steps of scrawl in a couple ways

  • the addition of a new kind of brush (3 versions of the same kind)
    (I’m also working on another variation for this that may get incorporated into all three we’ll just have to see how well it works

  • autoscrolling [left to right, right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top] should be able to work on all brushes in addition to mouse&MIDI control at the same time

  • additional colorization options for mirror mode
    you can see the basic results of this here

  • video masking using the currently selected brush shape (I should be able to work out getting this going only when you want it to). You can see the results of this in the picture above .This screenshot was taken from running it on a mac not the pi.

  • if I get previous working well Then the next step will be writing the resulting masked video onto an additional FBO for video painting. I’m still having some weird issues with this (not when I run it on the mac only when running on the raspberry pi) but I’ve stamped it down to be much better than it was before. I’ve got a couple little special spices that I came upon for this that will make it a very special thing indeed.

  • re organize the MIDI layout as I just put things on the controller as I got them programmed at this point after playing with it for a while I’ve got some ideas on how to move forward with this

  • fixing issues as I find them such as

  • I’d like to get some audio reactivity going but that is several version away I would imagine. it looks like it would require some extra work and hardware of some kind then the programming side but I would love to be able to make this dance to audio input at some point!

  1. last night when playing I found that if no keyboard is plugged in and I right clicked the mouse to clear the buffer it not only does that but also turn on noFill().

  2. the brush preview gets wonky with the triangle shapes when mirroring is on.


Video tutorials
basic video overview
advanced brush & basic random colorization

the next tutorial will go over the mirror functions

after that is advanced colorization and randomization

then we can start talking about this (photo of my other half)

Several picture examples of why I love Scrawl








to see some video examples
I got a new USB capture dongle and it works with waaaave pool! here are two videos from the first go round with this setup [scrawl > waaaave_pool]
I put up plenty more last night too



Thanks! These really help me get a feel for its abilities and how to use it. Now I really wish I had a (working) video input in my system so I could use this with my lzx stuff.