Vidio Introduction!


I’ve had my Vidiot for around a month now - and it’s been an interesting experience! I’m new to Video Synthesis but I’ve been taking in in my stride - making sure to refer back to the manual and checking the forum for little nuggets of information.

At the moment I’m successfully been able to connect an video input (Hi8 Camcorder), and display both the Luma processor and Colorizer on two separate screens.

I was wondering if anyone who’s primarily using a Vidiot could take a photo of there setup - with photos of there work?

Thanks and I hope we can get some traction on this Topic!


Hey Jonos! We’ve been exploring our Vidiot for a similar period of time, and it’s been very eye-opening for us as well. I’m not sure about your background outside of video synthesis, but I needed more info on the video signal to find context for the manipulations. If anyone visiting this thread wants to get in deeper on the history/theory of analog video signal, here’s a great primer by Dana Lee.

We’re using an Ikegami VCM-901 CRT monitor, a Sony DCR-SR100 camcorder, and the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle to preview and capture the final colorized video output. I’m actually editing a tutorial video for the basic Vidiot connections and simple output with the camera feedback loop method, and will post back again as soon as we’ve got it uploaded. In the coming weeks we’ll also publish videos and galleries of patches for unique and reproducible outputs.

In the meantime, we’ve got a lot of our Vidiot patch outputs on our IG stream and have started periodic Twitch streams of our wading into the deep end with the LZX Expedition series.

Here are some recent favorites from the Vidiot:


Hey 7pip!

I just saw your twitch past streams, and to be honest would love to have audio on the stream, just ot follow better as patch notes or comments even when you have no idea and you are just exploring.

Something like @cskonopka youtube channel which is really nice

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Hi Luix,

Thanks for your interest! We’re still adding improvements, and are happy for any feedback and direction. Our live streaming studio is a work in progress, but we wanted to share our learning experiences from the start. We’ll have audio commentary up soon, and in the meantime we’ll make a more concerted effort to discuss the live patch modifications in the chat channel.

Additionally, we’ll be producing YouTube videos and infographics for patches and technique with the Vidiot, Expedition, and Orion series gear in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out there! :smiley:

Hi everyone! Just an update - the first in our series of Vidiot tutorials is now live on YouTube. I hope it helps some of our newest community members get up and running with the Vidiot. I’ll be sure to post again when we have updates to the series.

We’re really enjoying video synthesis and the community, and we’re eager to get more involved. The idea of a collaboration between multiple members is an exciting thought that I hope to breach in more detail over the next couple of days. Just wanted to get the idea percolating! :coffee: