My Ultimate Goal and Introduction - Displaying Waveforms!

Hi! I am Alex, I hope to become a long time member of this community!
I have come to the world of Video Synthesis in part to have fun and enjoy a new hobby but also to supplement my back yard Stereo Hobby.

I am on the pre order list for a Vidiot, it seemed like a great place to start, my ultimate end goal is to use the audio signal from my stereos left and right channels to create a wave form on the monitor by using horizontal and vertical defelction. I currently due this with an Oscilloscope as taught to me by Jerobeam Fenderson.
Example -images

My question to the community is am I heading in the right direction with a Vidiot, as a complete amateur to analog synthesis I know very little about the situation. I am passionate about music and electronics.

Alittle about me

I am 30, Graduated Aerospace Engineer, I work as a farmer and love it, wont go back to the man!

I am a Race Drone Pilot -

And DJ / Stereo Enthusiast -


Hi Alex!

I just stumbled across the post from a while back. I hope you’re enjoying your Vidiot – it’s what got us started on our video synthesis journey as well! Now we’re ankles deep in Expedition gear and just started using the Memory Palace. With the Palace, it’s mind-blowingly simple to make some remarkably detailed and complex outputs and load any still image via SD.

And all of it is made especially appealing with paired audio information. With the Diver module coming up (multiplies audio frequencies to generate video-rate gradient signals), and your enjoyment of audio visualization, I thought it might be a good time to say hi and invite you back to the fold!

(Also, I love agriculture and sticking it to the man! Keep up the good fight!)