Syncing Audio Oscillators to Vidiot

Is this possible? Is there a way to sync an audio oscillator (I have a DPO) to one of the Vidiot’s oscillators or the video sync its self? I’m gonna try tonight when I get home, but wanted to see if anyone here has done anything like that.

Definitely experiment with this! Open experimentation is part of why our patching format shares the same connectors and is safe to patch with audio synths.


I will report back with my findings!


Didn’t have much luck syncing. I was trying to use the vidiot’s horizontal square wave out. Looking back, I think I need to try again, but gain up the square wave more. Here are some results that I got using the horizontal sine to FM the DPO. I also got carried away with mixer feedback :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Yes, see if you can amplify the signal. The Bridge module does this, but any amplifier gain can probably work in this case. Some sync/reset inputs only respond to signals around a 1.6V threshold (so the 1V output of the Vidiot won’t reach it.)

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Just want to add that I’ve been using a lot of audio oscillators with my Vidiot (and other LZX modules). It has been no problem syncing various Bugbrand oscillators to the Vidiot’s left or right oscillator (or the Visual Cortex sync outs), to achieve stable results. Sometimes I’ve had to amplify it. Usually, I’ve used the square wave outs.
Sure, not all audio oscillators can be scared up to these ranges, but some of them can produce vertical patterns, especially when sent through wavefolders/wavemultipliers.

I have also synced oscillators in the Nord Modular G2 in this way, by simply sending Vidiot/VC signals to the G2 audio ins. Here I had to add a negative offset to get good results. The LZX+Nord G2 experiments have been posted in the LZX community Facebook, just search in the group for Nord G2.

Happy patching!


Tip: audio frequencies around 50Hz into Vidiot’s Vertical CV Input :wink: