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Hi there folks,

Hope you are well out there, just a little bit of help I am looking for, sorry to be asking! So I have an LZX system with a Visual Cortex in there. It all records out to a Blackmagic recorder but it is the input I am struggling with. I am based in the UK, using DaVinci resolve to edit video, I have a Thunderbolt intensity shuttle to send the edits I make in Resolve out to the LZX system. I am struggling with sync and getting the video to come out of either Da Vinci Resolve or Blackmagic Media Express into the Visual Cortex successfully, any thoughts on what this could be? My sync light shows PAL 576i lit but the lock symbol is in Red? A bit stumped here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks V

double check that the switches on the back of the vc are in the correct place

if they are and there is still an issue try switching everything over to ntsc - check if that works


for this setup, what would be the correct places for the switches to be? Cheers M

you should have them set to pal and decoder


Yes those are right…

are you definitely outputting PAL from the shuttle?

otherwise try turning everything to ntsc and see if that syncs

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what do you think my setting should be on the desktop video set up up?

don’t have a shuttle - but should probably be PAL-> component

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yeah got that too…

what about things like resolution and frame rate?

not sure about resolution - try googling or just try changing

frame rate is 50 or 60 Hz

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