Connecting Liquid TV to Visual Cortex


Hello – I just took my first LZX plunge and ordered a VC and Liquid TV. Can someone confirm whether I need to connect them together via the RCA connections in the rear of the modules for sync purposes?


you don’t have to but you can

if you don’t then you can plug one of the visual cortex RCA outputs into the liquid tv RCA input and then still patch signals into the 1,2,3, inputs

or if you have the RCA cables connected behind the front panels then you could just freely patch to the 1,2,3 inputs

for me it mostly depends on if I think I’ll be plugging other external non LZX system sources into the RCA jack on the front


The standard composite input will work without a sync cable. However, In order for the preview driver to function you would need a sync cable to go from both modules (Visual Cortex Sync Out to Liquid TV Sync In).


So sorry, but I’m still not understanding this…I do appreciate your response, though! If I connect the RCA cable in the rear, what cable(s) do I use to connect the VC to the Liquid TV?
Thank you!


The Sync cables I use for my system are available to buy from the LZX website. These cables were designed specifically for Sync. I think you might be able to use standard yellow composite cables, but I’m not 100% sure.


I use standard composite cables with right-angle adaptors.


nothing special about the cables from LZX (although they are awesome!) you can use regular yellow composite cables.
keep the cables as short as possible for best practice :1st_place_medal:


Yeah, I had a slight feeling that you could use yellow composite cables for sync, but I referred the LZX cables to avoid giving any misleading info that I was unsure about :wink:


Have you checked the user reference card? It explains the connections and settings. Let me know if you’re unclear on anything.