Adding inputs to Visual Cortex

Okay excuse the noob question but I’m happily using up the composite input on my vc, and that’s patched into the left channel rgb inputs and viewable when fader is to the left.
So, how do I connect my analog cctv camera to the right channel rgb inputs? I want to be able to simply fade from left (video) to right (camera), but there’s only one set of analog inputs on the visual cortex.
Do I need to buy another input encoder/converter?

That or run the (video) and (cctv) into a cheap video mixer beforehand, then patch the mixer output unto cortex (which is obviously less good because it’s outside the rack)

Okay, so it looks like I need to buy some additional input module? Any suggestions on a suitable solution?

Preferably I guess I’d want the equivalent of the input panel on the left of the visual cortex (3x component rca inputs, and 3 x CV outs) as a separate module. I can’t find anything like that in the lzx products though.
Any suggestions?

A separate mixer for me defeats one of the purposes of the visual cortex, as a device that can switch between two inputs. I really need that working :wink:

With video signals, IO is costly because they all have to run synchronous to each other in order to mix and interact in the analog domain. With Cortex, you get one input for “free” because Cortex can slave its own timing to the timing of that first external device. To get more inputs in, you need a TBC/frame synchronizer module. We have our new design for that, which is a dual input and due out this year:

You could also use a second Cortex to get a second input in, but the second external device would need to have a genlock feature itself. Here’s a good thread on that:

If you poke around the forums or type “sync” into the search bar, you’ll find more info on video synchronization topics. Let me know if you have more questions!