Visual Cortex help plz

im a total beginner and just got a visual cortex .
when i patch it (just to see input video) like described in this video
is till get the colors shifting like its on cycle … am i missing anything ?
i attached a picture of my patch and here

is a video of what i get
thank you in advance

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While I can’t answer your question, I can tell that the noise in your video is coming from the PSU. While it’s a fine PSU for audio, video is a little more demanding. I started with a similar PSU myself, so I can appreciate the advantages, but you may find at some point that the noise becomes a problem. That’ll be when you should consider a case with a cleaner PSU, like a Doepfer G6 or a Vessel. The later has better ventillation, which may become another problem. It certainly did that for me! My VC began overheating in one skiff.

Anyone, someone else will soon answer your question. I’m just passing on a few things I learned as a beginner. I hope they help.

tnx a lot for the tip ! ill remember that for the future …
i just got the system now so i guess ill play with the noise until it ill be ready for an upgrade …
but at least it will not drive me crazy when i know where its coming from :slight_smile:

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I think that the VC is working correctly - it looks like the signal i get when there’s no signal input to my VC!

where are you getting your video signal from? please describe in detail - ie MacBook Pro -> usbc/hdmi converter (apple) -> hdmi/composite converter (cheap ebay portta) -> VC (which is,for example, my signal chain)

have you tried the composite signal straight into the display?

have you got everything set correctly (either NTSC or PAL from original output through any converters through VC through any converters into display - depends on the target display)?

NB as it’s composite the signal input will be monochrome in VC - probably colour straight into the TV though

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I noted this on your similar muffwiggler post, but I’ll mention it here too. I’m pretty sure the issue is that you’re presumably inputting a composite signal, but you’re taking the component outputs from the input section. Since you’re just using a composite video signal, there’s no color information going into the input section (this module doesn’t decode the color from composite signals), so you should take the LUMA (brightness) output from the input section. If you remove the other (black) cables from the input section and just move the left part of the white cable up one jack, you should get your video.

If you want to input color input as in that LZX video you linked to, you need to use component (YPbPr) input. (Admittedly, that LZX video is a little confusing since it looks like they’re using a composite+audio RCA cable to input a component signal, and that particular cable has labels on the ends so it says “video” on the top one and “audio L” and “audio R” on the others if you look close. I can see how this could give one the impression that normal composite video input will be decoded as a color signal with this module.)

Disclaimer: All that said, I’ve never touched a Visual Cortex in my life, so if I’m wrong I hope someone will correct me. :slight_smile:


Hey tnx for the reply
signal comes from aPC to a cheap hdmi>composite converter (that works perfectly with other gear)
NTSC and PAL are set correctly .
i think i got the answer from Joem below …the VC just dosnt decode color from the composite inputs only from the component …


tnx a lot for the reply
i didnt know the VC dosnt decode the color from the composite input :confused:

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Don’t be too distraught though. You can still do lots of cool stuff with the grayscale video!

Using one of these Composite to component converters and taking the component output into your cortex input decoder would get you the color video you are looking for.


tnx a lot everyone for the help.