Why does my composite video camera only output black and white images to Visual Cortex?

Original question: I’m trying to use a Color CCTV camera (Panasonic CP470) to input video to Visual Cortex, but I am only getting a black and white image. I plugged the camera into the Visual Cortex Input Decoder’s green (Y) input and and then a patch cable from each of the 3.5mm jack outputs. Why would I be only getting black and white image? Anyone familiar with this camera?

Answer: The issue is probably not the camera. The Cortex needs a complete Component signal to display color input.

From the VC Tech manual: "The Input Decoder section is an analogue video input amplifier and colorspace converter. This section accepts YPbPr analogue component video, and processes it for patching internally inside a video synthesis system. The Y input can be used with Composite video signals if only grayscale operation is desired. "

A composite to component converter could be used to display a color signal from a composite camera.

I connected a Siemens FA 224 camera to the VC Y input and the NTSC 480 light and the lock light are lit and the picture is just gray and some scrolling lines. I’m trying to experiment with some feedback by shooting the wall I’m projecting te VC´s output. What should I do?

Can you check that all switch settings on the rear of the module are correct as described in the owner’s manual?
Does the Siemens camera output 480i video and work okay on a display?

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Thanks for the reply! Yesterday I checked the switch settings and set the NTSC/PAL to PAL and it started working.

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