Visual Cortex PAL interference/noise issue


Visual Cortex has a noise/interference issue when set on PAL. those intermittent horizontal lines (3~6 at the same time) appear when using the composite or s-video output, but they do not when using the component output. they’re mostly noticeable when doing wide plain color areas, but they’re always there.

  • I’ve had an old VC unit and now I have a second version: they do the same.
  • tested a wide array of monitors, projector, capture cards: they’re always there
  • tested a case with many modules but also just the VC present: it’s the same
  • tested a case with a switching power unit, also one with a linear power unit: exactly the same
  • no external video source connected to VC whatsoever
  • other PAL users have confirmed they share the same issue, non NTSC users seem to have experienced this
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