Interference / distortion with either Visual Cortex or Memory Palace

I seem to be getting scrolling horizontal lines with my LZX setup, which just consists of the Visual Cortex and Memory Palace. I can’t tell where the interference is coming from— is it the component inputs on the Memory Palace, something happening with the sync between the two, etc?

I was hoping maybe someone here has seen this before and knows what the issue is.

Likely culprit is power. What is your power supply?

TipTop Happy Ending rack.

1 x µzeus 4hp psu with 2 x flying bus boards
1 x 15v DC 1000ma Triad external power adapter (for 110v only)

I’ve used uZeus before and it gives really unsatisfactory results for video synthesis, unfortunately. Their Studio Bus solution works pretty well.

Could you share a photo of your patch?

Hey y’all, just want you to know that I solved this problem!
The uZeus supports two ribbons, I had a second ribbon plugged into the uZeus with nothing else attached to said ribbon. I removed it, no more distortion.
Did I mention I’m new to the whole video synthesis thing? I’m new to the whole video synthesis thing.

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