Visual cortex recording problems

Hey community,
i dont know why but my visual cortex is somehow doing a flimmering…
I dont know what there is wrong, i think i tried all the setting options in the “Desktop Video Setup” and “Black Magic Media Express” programs (setup+recording programs for the intesity shuttle)…
for testing i only had the visual cortex in the case and the patch is the h-v output in the key generator input. from the cortex with YPbPr in the intensity shuttle.
Maybe someone had the same issues? Or can help me with the correct settings for the programs? Thanks in advance

And my other problem:
i recorded a video with my black intesity shuttle. During recording everything looked fine, then after when i playback the recorded file with quicktime or vlc, there are from nowhere horizontal lines in the video. then i uploaded it on vimeo, and the line are gone…
can someone explain or help me why quicktime and vimeo are making those lines? and does someone have general recording tips with YPbPr output from visual cortex into the blackmagic intesity shuttle (in terms of setting in the black magic programs)?
thanks in advance!

here the vimeo video:
screenshot from quicktime and vlc:

That’s a beautiful patch in the Vimeo link.
What case/power supply are you using for the videos showing the “flimmering”?

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thank you!
im using this one:

there is your problem
meanwell rt65 is is very noisy PSU, not suitable for video.

I had the same problem in my case. switched it out for a Doepfer one.

The lines you see on the Vimeo video are interlacing.
You need to de-interlace and all will be well.
You can do this in any video editing program. I use the opensource + free software called VirtualDub

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thank you!! the deinterlace tipp worked! and im going to change my power supply! thank you!

you can check the PSU thread for suitable brands:

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