Sending video from Premiere CC to Visual cortex

hello- tried to find the answer sifting through the forum but without luck.
i am trying to use Mac book pro with premiere CC and intensity shuttle to send video (PAL) to visual cortex. visual cortex set to PAL and decoder switch on back set to ON. VC sync lock light green indicating good sync. However image is more or less pure noise. It does respond slightly to video signal in suggesting SOMETHING is coming through. Intensity shuttle settings are PAL component out.
Can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong?? I have attached a picture of current signal>

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What settings do you have in Desktop Video Setup?

That can require a bit of adjusting if you search the forum there is loads of threads of people of various options.

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Hey @horacio2222 :wave:t3:
@a_digital_index suggested looking at his settings in the attached image as he’s got the same or a very similar setup to yours. Hopefully it’ll stir you in the right direction.

I’m around if you need some more help troubleshooting.

Thank you all for your attention - it’s much appreciated!
@a_digital_index it seems you are using another device than the intensity shuttle?

i managed to transmit video successfully to VC via Intensity shuttle using the BM Media Express software but still no luck with Premiere. (btw. no probs capturing with Premiere).

Another issue has arisen now anyway. That being: I planned to use 2 Intensity shuttles to send and receive. However, one of them tried updating it’s firmware but crashed midway. The result being a broken Intensity shuttle that is stuck in a ‘firmware loop’. I contacted BM who were aware of this issue but said there’s nothing they can do. Pretty awesome huh?!

Maybe try taking the output straight to a TV instead on VC? This way it would determine if the BM IS is actually outputting video. If so the it’s just tweaking the 625 settings in the shuttle to play nice with cortex.