Black Magic Intensity to Visual Cortex

I’ve read though a previous discussion here on something similar to this topic but the conversation went off on a bit of a different direction than my question.

Quite simply, I want to output from my MacBook Pro to the component input on VC.

I can get output from resolume via black syphon to the HDMI of the intensity device. But the component output doesn’t want to work.
It seems that I need to get a HDMI to component converter to give me suitable signal for the VC.
Seems crazy tho, the intensity shuttle seemed fairly well featured, I’m surprised I need a converter.

Does anyone use one of these in this way?
How do you do it?

By the way, I have no need to record the output of VC. The Intensity is only there to send video to the VC. I’m not fussy on how it does this! I’ve had good luck with this converter I’m sure the BMD can do it but I had issues with that and my macbook so I didn’t get to fully explore it in the workflow

I have used a Thunderbolt Intensity Shuttle to run video out of a mid 2015 MacBook Pro (running a variety of the Signal Culture apps and Syphon) and into the component ins on Visual Cortex. Component output settings need to be properly configured in the Blackmagic Desktop app. I don’t know the settings off the top of my head but I’ll be back in studio next week and can share screen shots and info then if needed.

In the meantime, are you using a Thunderbolt or USB Shuttle and are you on a Mac or PC?

Oh yes. I was really hoping someone would say something like this!!!

I’m on MacBook Pro 2017 with USB Intensity Shuttle and Resolume Arena.
I’ve successfully output from the HDMI on the shuttle from Resolume via Black Syphon, but no luck with the component output. I guessed it was a settings issue for sure.

I look forward to your update next time you’re in your studio!

Just checked out those Signal Culture apps. Wow, very interesting!!..

… and, eagerly awaiting your studio visit! :sweat_smile:
I’m not in the studio much either, but I’ll be there tomorrow eve and it would be so great if I had a screen shot of your video output settings by then! :wink:

You shouldn’t need BlackSyphon to get output out of Resolume. The Intensity Shuttle should appear as a screen option in advanced output (assuming you have Arena.) If Resolume detects the Shuttle you should also be able to pick Component output option in the same property pane. Sometimes it can be finicky and take a few swaps between NTSC/HDMI/Component before it works.

Of course!! I’ve used the shuttle for input into Resolume before, so it does recognize it. The reason I was stuck was because I’m changing my input/output config at the moment, to a way I’m not used to working, and I got sidetracked trying to use Black Syphon as a solution when things weren’t working as expected.
I’m in the studio tomorrow night so I’ll find out if that works then. I’ve a feeling it will. I’ll let you know. Thanks for the help!!!

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Good luck in studio tonight. I had a chance to set things up in my studio and here are some screen captures that might be useful to you.

This setup lets me play back media on my Mac through one Thunderbolt Intensity Shuttle to YPbPr Component ins on Visual Cortex, and concurrently capture on the same Mac with a second Thunderbolt Intensity Shuttle connected to Visual Cortex YPbPr Component outs.

Software and flow that I’m using for this example:

Signal Culture Frame Buffer (picked arbitrarily as a media playback device, could be any software that can pipe to Syphon):

Black Syphon:

Blackmagic Desktop Video Setup:

Blackmagic Media Express:

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Thanks so much for sharing that! I really do appreciate it!
I’ll let you know how I get on.

Really interested to see that you’ve got that working on the way back in, but I wonder, because my Shuttle is USB, whether or not you have more video options, via Thunderbolt. I’ll find out I guess!

All the best :+1:

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I found out why I hadn’t seen the options for output before. I was using a project that had a layer setup to receive input from the shuttle, and it seems it doesn’t like that. Options don’t appear when that layer was active. When I removed that layer, and went into Advanced output, then it gives me options to select component. Funny how that is. Finicky is right!

So, no need for Syphon, and I’m glad it turned out not to be a waste picking up that Shuttle in the end. If I had have had to buy a cheap converter to do this job, it would have really bothered me after forking out for the Shuttle!

Anyway, thanks again for your help.
Now, off I go to make some awesome video experiments!!!


Thanks again for your help. Got it working in the end via Resolume Arena (see my other post here)

Best wishes,


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