H2CS HDMI to Component Video Converter prevents Intensity Shuttle from capturing


I can get the Black Magic Intensity Shuttle to capture from the Visual Cortex through the Black Magic Media Express desktop app on my mac mini. Which is great! :grinning:

I can also get an image into the Visual Cortex, from my macbook pro, through the H2CS ‘Universal HDMI to Component Video Converter’. Which is also great! :grinning:

Problem is, I can’t get them to work together. :sob:

I remember back before the rollout of this forum when there was a section on the lzx website which was like a ‘getting started’ explainer which described what one would need to delve into video synthesis.

I’m pretty sure the BM IS was on there as :the: video capture device, as was the H2CS as :the: hdmi to component converter. Am I missing something? Any work-arounds?

The VC is set to decoder on the little switch on the back.


i made a wee video and put it on youtube here

Solved… i think…

I picked up a £20 Component to HDMI converter. It drops frames every so often but seems to be working quite well apart from that.


Yeah, YMMV when it comes to cheaper devices interacting with each other. Consumer grade stuff is meant to convert formats for display on a TV as cheaply as possible. If you can afford it, go with broadcast quality converters from Blackmagic or AJA. They are designed for reliable capture/recording.

okie dokie :slight_smile: thanks for your reply Lars. much appreciated.