Do they still make the Intensity Shuttle?

I need a way to get component video out of my Mac and into my LZX. I always hear everyone talking about the Blackmagic Intensity but they don’t make it anymore. Basically I need something to get component video out of my MacBook Pro. Any suggestions?

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Hardware video converters/scalers - wiki - scanlines here is a little wiki I started a while back for stuff I’ve used or others have.

does your macbook have a HDMI port?

I mainly use my BMD shuttle to get video into the computer
How to capture video wiki (stand alone or otherwise) - wiki - scanlines here is another wiki I put up about recording specifically

Thanks so much. I do have an HDMI output on my MacBook. I’m using an Atamos Ninja to record. But I want to be able to send composite into my LZX system’s luma in.

What is the BMD Shuttle?

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oh I’m sorry by BMD shuttle I meant the black magic design intensity shuttle.

what are you planning on plugging the composite output into?

there are also hdmi > composite adapters on that same wiki I linked above I don’t think I’ve actually used one of those though.

I haven’t had any issues with my hdmi > component box linked in the wiki when bringing a macbook pro into LZX land via a visual cortex.

I think you’re right. I’ll probably just use an HDMI to composite adapter. I was wanting to send some video out of the Mac and into the component in on the Vidiot.