Visual Cortex to MacBook Pro

I’d like to take screenshots of my Visual Cortex’s output using a MacBook Pro. Would there be a marked improvement in resolution/image quality with a Thunderbolt Intensity Shuttle into the MBP vs. a cheaper upscaler going from component to HDMI?
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how are you intending on getting hdmi into the macbook?

I’m pretty sure you need an interface like the intensity shuttle to get any video in to your macbook

Thanks for the reply – and actually, it raises more questions…I have a USB C hub with many inputs, including one for HDMI. Would that suffice in getting video feed to my MacBook if I plug in a lower-cost component-to-HDMI upscaler from my Visual Cortex? And would iMovie or something of the sort suffice just to view the feed?

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there is a lot of info on this very topic search intensity shuttle on this forum and on the LZX community facebook page. Some people have had trouble with the intensity shuttle so make sure you read and compare to your setup before just buying. Lars just mentioned another option (in the facebook group) albeit much more expensive than the shuttle

lower cost converters come with their own issues if you read through what has already been posted you will find scalers that people are using that work
personally I like the old extron scalers you can pick them up for pretty cheap (I’ve picked up several for around 20-25 each)
not all of them have HDMI output though
although at this point I’m just running things through my edirol v440 and that upscales for me.

viewing the input video feed on your computer would depend on what you were using to send video in. With the intensity shuttle I have to use the black magic program that came with the device to view.


this ambery scaler is one that has been mentioned before too

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