HDMI Upscaler Question

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Can I use my new Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle to properly interface my Visual Cortex with an HDMI projector, or do I need something else to upscale?


As Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle owners, we must warn you–attempting to understand it’s true function is akin to witchcraft. Oh and getting it to work reliably? Legitimately occult.

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Not as a standalone piece of gear, but when connected to your computer you should be able to set up HDMI monitoring of the analog capture. Reliability as a live converter may be problematic. The Ambery.com device linked below is the best looking budget conscious dedicated upscaler we’ve found for Visual Cortex so far.



I have zero issues with my intensity shuttle
every time I turn it on it does what it is supposed to
you can read about all my settings in a thread I posted a while back

some people have issues (I think mainly OS related) but don’t be scared away without reading to compare setups first as they seem to be popping up on ebay for a little over 100$ pretty consistently. That being said it isn’t going to do what you are asking for in this instance

I’m using the edirol v440 for my main output upscaling and then I have a couple standalone box solutions for VGA or component to HDMI if I need it

one extron RGB HDMI 300 and one ambery HDV2

the ambery box is just a transcoder so as far as I understand whatever you put it resolution wise comes out the other end just as HDMI

however the extron box could do all the upscaling by itself if need be

you can find extron boxes like the DVS 204/304 that seem to work pretty well
I took a chance on all three of those extron boxes expecting maybe one to work and to my surprise they all did


At some point we will have to compile everyone’s settings and configurations per OS. On Windows 10, the USB version with current firmware struggles not to be configured properly initially, but to stay functioning during capture in some broadcast suites or Adobe Premiere. It’s possible our unit has an idiosyncratic malfunction that rears its ugly head at odd intervals, but without fully fleshed out support from BM its hard to tell.

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I will post all my PP settings with the BM shuttle this weekend or early next week.

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