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Hi there folks, I am looking to get some advice on the best software for playing clips of video in sampler kind of way into the LZX system. I have tried Resolume Avenue which seems good but very shakey as the video has to come out of my Macbook Pro HDMI port but I think it would be better to use an Intensity Blackmagic shuttle. Would I be right to think that? Cheers!


Hi @VideoFanatic . So long as you have the means of converting and downscaling to the necessary inputs for Visual Cortex/Vidiot/TBC/TBC2 (analog NTSC), most software or hardware media players should get the job done. How are you getting the HDMI into the LZX system currently?

I’m not sure what you mean by shaky. If you’re having playback issues, it could be due to a bogged down operating system.


Hi there, just going from the HDMI output of my 2015 macbook pro?


Okay, so sounds like you’ve got an adapter and video is getting into the system fine. If the video transmitted seems bad quality, you may want to try a higher-end connector. Unfortunately I can’t provide advice about best software for output, no experience. VideoLan VLC is a great software media player in general- if it could be used to output, that’d be great.

Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle works alright for its cost. It’s especially applicable with you starting on a computer in the first place. We used one for capture quite a bit, but didn’t really like the computer interface – it often needed restarts, or wouldn’t behave reliably. It might act more reliably as an output device. The Intensity Shuttle’s installer includes drivers for DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Avid Media Composer.

Even more reliable are mini-converter boxes that require no user interface, just switches on the box. Blackmagic and Atomos both make some. They can be a bit pricey.

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As far as a clip “sampler,” yeah, you’ll probably need some sort of VJ software like Resolume. It should work fine if you get your output conversions/connections sorted. If you haven’t actually bought Resolume yet, but are just demo-ing, you might also look at CoGe VJ. It’s about half the cost. I use it and it has the features I need. But maybe others can recommend even better/cheaper options?


I recommend an iPhone 4s or iPad 4th gen with the 32 pin connector. You can use these Apple devices with the Apple composite video out dongle. All the newer iDevices have hdmi or at best a VGA dongle.

With these devices you have internet and google photo access, storage space and a camera on the phone for video looping. There will be no need for downscaling when using this method. The dongle has usb cable for constant charging of the iPhone / iPad during usage.

Hyperspektiv is a good app for playing video loops, gifs, alphas, or key pics from an iPhone. On iPad I recommend the app TouchViz for playing video clips, loops, gifs & alphas.

I’m not sure which dates, but we have a couple episodes from around the beginning of the year where you can see us using this technique on our stream show.

4th gen iDevices are the only intelligent players I know with composite video output.

I’ve had really poor results with the software that comes with the Black Magic Intensity Shuttle capturing video from my LZX system. I believe my settings are standard, but the video quality is disappointing. Is anyone using other capture software with their Intensity Shuttle with some success?

OBS & StreamLabs software records excellent video recordings as well as provide streaming capabilities.