Macbook Pro as Video Monitor

Hello –
I’d like to view my LZX feed from my Macbook pro. I connected my Visual Cortex’s component outs to an inexpensive HDMI upscaler, which is going out to an adapter connected to my Macbook. How can I view a feed?

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You might consider using to interface with your converted video input.

you might also want to look at syphon and lumen or processing or praxis_live

syphon is a method of streaming video between different applications - appears as a web cam in the application - there are all sorts of apps that use it and can grab feeds from different places (ie inputs)

lumen is a video synthesizer for the mac, but it will allow camera pass through too - there’s a free trial version and it’s not expensive anyway

processing and praxis_live are java programming environments for graphics (and audio) processing is similar to arduino sketches and processing is a graphical programming environment that encapsulates those sketches - both are donation ware I believe

Thanks so much, guys. I downloaded Lumen and Syphon to start. The full version of Lumen at $129 is a little too costly for what I’d like to do-- I might as well spring for an Intensity Shuttle for that amount. Any idea where I can find out how to set up Syphon to get LZX video into my Macbook?

what’s the video interface you are using?

I connected the Visual Cortex to a YPbPr to HDMI upscaler, and then into my Macbook with a hub that has an HDMI input.

i’d try looking at the syphon page to see what apps are supported and go from there

but tbh are you 100% sure that’s a hdmi input and not an output???

As far as I know my adapter is an input, and the upscaler is component in to HDMI out!

What model is your adapter? Did it come with any software?

I purchased it from Amazon, and apparently the mfr is “Avedio Links.” There was no software included.
Any ideas on this?

that’s a usbc to hdmi converter - so you can run an external monitor

for input you will need a video interface that takes either a hdmi or composite signal and converts that (probably via another one or 2 steps) to usbc in

intensity shuttle thunderbolt via a thunderbolt 2 to usbc converter is probably a good bet

@creatorlars seems to currently recommend the black magic ultrastudio hd mini - but that’s about twice the price of the intensity, but you don’t need the converter iirc for usbc