Composite output from Black Magic Hyperdeck to Visual Cortex input - Question!

Hey Video freaks! Nice to be here.

I’m wondering if anyone might be able to help me with my setup.
It’s pretty much in the title of this post. That’s what I’m trying to get working.
I do get some kind of garbled image on my JVC analog monitor, but I think my (newly acquired) Hyperdeck is outputting at a resolution that the Visual Cortex can’t read. Is there a specific resolution I need to be inputting to the VC? Or do I need to scale the resolution somehow?

Here’s my setup:

MBP > [HDMI] > Hyperdeck Pro.
Hyperdeck Pro > [YPBPR] > Visual Cortex.
Visual Cortex > [Video 1] > JVC tm1010pn-k monitor.

Any help appreciated!


Hiya! You need to set your YPbPr outputs to 480 interlaced timing. Typically in blackmagic software that’s just called “NTSC” (rather than NTSC Progressive, which you don’t want.) Let us know how it goes!

Thanks for your quick response!

Well, before I tell you that there’s no way to change the output settings (strange as that may sound!), I’m delving into the Hyperdeck manual again. And I did notice that I never tried to connect the Visual Cortex to the Ref Input (this is sync right?) … could it be that? And then I should select the Visual Cortex as sync source?
Unfortunately I’m at home right now and my studio is where the equipment is, so I can’t check right now…
But when I use my Panansonic CCTV as an input for the Visual Cortex, not having the sync input from the camera just makes the picture scroll across the screen… it’s not ‘garbled’ like the Hyperdeck output seems to be… damn, I wish I could check this out right now!

The only options within the Hyperdeck software are really to change the codec that it records at, but I guess that may relay to the output and cause issues? I think I tried to change them all anyway. Those options are: Uncomp 10bit, ProRes HQ, ProRes, ProRes LT, ProRes Proxy…

any further advice? ;]

Sounds like you need to render out content in 480i format, and playback will mirror that. Try making a recording of your Visual Cortex and playing that back in.

Sorry for laggy response! ;p

Okay, I think I’m understanding the issue a bit more now. Just got into studio now and I’m testing things…
Ref input / Mon out made no difference. It’s obviously the resolution.

So, question is, how do I make my MBP output 480i from the HDMI port? I thought this Hyperdeck would solve all my inputs and outputs issues. Rendering out content isn’t what I’m aiming to do here. I must explain myself a bit better!

Up until now, I’ve been doing Audio-Visual performances using a combination of hardware (for music) and software (for video). The reason I paid out for the Visual Cortex (and Sensory Translator) is because I wanted to add more flexibility to my visual content. However, I still want to use my software (Resolume), and I aim to combine it this digital video source with the new analog source. So I need to have my MBP running live content to the Visual Cortex.
Problem. The MBP wants to output high resolution to the HDMI and will allow me to drag my video display from Resolume to within that window (the Resolume window can easily be 480, but it will live inside that larger display window…
I bought the Hyperdeck cause it was a killer deal second hand, assuming it would do the same job as a Black Magic ‘Intensity’, as well as its main function of SSD recorder… seems I may be wrong. =(

I’m going to try a few things here now, will report back :wink:

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Bingo. Just found a new friend. SwitchResX

Check it out :wink:



Switched the HDMI output profile to this:


Very cool!!! Thanks for posting the solution.