Cadet + BMD Intensity Extreme settings

Hi All

I got a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme recently (which I believe is effectively a thunderbolt external version of the Intensity Pro PCIe card) and I’m hoping to use it to provide I/O from my Macbook Pro 13" 2017 to my Cadet system but I’m struggling with the settings in the Media Express software. I’m trying to get PAL video to output or input but I’m getting nothing at either side. I have managed to get a black and white signal into an external monitor but not the cadet system, I think this may be because the monitor has a slightly wider input tolerance than the cadet system.

I’m going to spend more time debugging tonight but thought it was worth starting a thread to see if anyone had encountered similar issues or had a solution. If I work it out tonight I’ll post my solution!

I have one too, but haven’t verified it works since my Big Sur update on Mac. If you are still having trouble this weekend, I can post some info from what works for me.

Thanks so much! I managed to get it working last night for both input and output which is very exciting. Do you use any software upscaling on the image?

I should share my massive blunder though… after around a month of really frustratingly not managing to get any video into my cadet system I was close to giving up, cursing Lars’s design, had my oscilloscope out because I thought I’d built the board wrong, tried loads of different videos source…

Turns out I’d missed in the Cadet I manual that I needed to patch external video into the cadet I first and then the Cadet III, did this and everything worked perfectly, my partner couldn’t quite understand why I was near tears

Moral of the story - read the fucking manual :joy:

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